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  • iPhone exploits in hacked websites went unnoticed for years

    MacPro said:
    If iPhones are vulnerable imagine Android phones which in this extract are not mentioned at all ... it sounds like an excellent marketing strategy for Google to me.  Oh wait ... of course this is the very information all Android users hand over to Google to use already, what am I thinking?
    • You don't know what Project Zero is.  You don't know what they do
    • You skimmed the article looking for excuses why these exploits existed and lasted so long.
    • Finding none, you decided it would be perfectly fine to inject baseless speculation and disparage the research team
    I've always been curious why people do what you did?  I think either you completely misunderstood what you read or you intentionally made up some stuff.  If it's the former, I'd suggest rereading and clicking on the links to gain understanding.  If it's the latter, might I suggest a look in a mirror and ask yourself: what am I thinking?

    Project Zero has been criticized in the past before for not disclosing Googles security failures. The comment is valid.
  • Jamf data claims most students would use a Mac - if they could afford it [u]

    Most of the Macs I owned were refurbished. Even when purchasing refurbished Macs, they are still good value compared to brand new PCs. The last Mac I bought brand new was for my daughter. I bought her a 15" MBP with retina display. Her med school mostly use Macs. I was so happy about it that I bought with alacrity.
  • Who are Alan Dye and Evans Hankey, the design leads replacing Jony Ive?

    Rajka said:
    Sorry, I don't see too much genius in either the hardware or software made by Apple today. Yeah, there's a glimpse here and there, but sparkly things do not always provide the best user experience possible.
    I don't see much genius in your statement either. However, I'll take Apple's word over yours.
  • Who are Alan Dye and Evans Hankey, the design leads replacing Jony Ive?

    Evans & the others have some big shoes to fill.
    The biggest shoes still not filled are those of Steve Jobs. Where’s the vision?
    Unfortunately, those shoes will not be filled any time soon, if ever.
  • Zoom iOS update removes 'feature' that sent user data to Facebook

    rrrize said:
    Too late. Minute I read AppleInsider's reporting on this, I deleted Zoom. Fixing it just because you've been caught only communicates to me that you will do it again if you think you can get away with it.
    First thing I did when I heard.