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  • Intel promises to support two-year transition to Apple Silicon

    vision33r said:
    Apple has a very small marketshare compared to Intel's windows and servers business. Intel will do just fine, what Apple needs is more efficient processors and not the same design philosophy with Intel which keeps pushing out CPUs that are meant for higher workloads.  Intel's CPU designs doesn't match with Apple's devices.
    Quite right, and in fact the whole PC market is getting to be a smaller and smaller chunk of Intel's business.  But I think it is the bigger picture here that is at least interesting: What does Apple's abandonment of Intel say about bigger trends in the whole PC market?  It does seem that there is a strong possibility of a tectonic shift away from X86 processors in the PC market as a whole; Apple's shift is symptomatic rather than causative.  I think what happens with the PC market will depend on whether Intel invests resources to fight back, or simply chooses to focus on more lucrative markets.  In any case the ball is in Intel's court at the moment, and I don't think their continued dominance long-term is in any way guaranteed.  
  • Apple gets foreign contractors improper visa lawsuit dismissed

    I'm confused by this statement.  If the activities were permissible, why does it matter whether they were done knowingly or not?
    If permissible, it doesn't matter. But at the time the case is argued, the lawyers have no idea which arguments will succeed and which will not. So one makes arguments to attack each of the legal requirements for a guilty ruling.
  • iPad mini review roundup: Superior speed but missing a critical feature

    "… not meant to be used for serious work."  I suppose, to the extent that no car smaller than an 8-passenger SUV is meant to be used for serious commutes, this might seem true. But at this point you just have to sit back and laugh; I know people who do "serious work" on their phones.  Are all these reviews written by old men with severe presbyopia? Or just spoiled children who have no idea what "serious work" can entail for people who live lives different from their own?  Perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that these guys still just don't understand the difference between a tool and a toy. 
  • Drive-by shooting suspect remotely wipes iPhone X, catches extra charges

    You would think in general that once something was seized by the police for evidence it should be kept detaached from the network.  Even without criminal intent, software updates and iCloud syncing updates could effectively alter evidence contained within an active cell phone.
  • Apple opposing US government intervention in lawsuit against Corellium

    Whose name is Robin Hood - protecting the world against oligopolist, supercapitalist corporate autocracies that aberatively became more powerful than states

    More like Godzilla vs The Smog Monster.  And The Smog Monster is not your friend.