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  • First wave of 2018 iPad Pro reviews praise new features, but warn on price & OS limitation...

    cpsro said:
    Who uses a mouse anymore? Yech!
    I use a Magic Mouse with my MacBook Air circa 2012. I guess I'm old though... 
  • Why the end of unit sales reporting of Macs, iPhone, and iPad isn't bad news for Apple

    Was this article written by the apple fan club president?? I am a lumentum (and finisar) shareholder and listened to the lumentum conference call on the order cut. They indeed still get about 30 percent of their business from Apple and were expecting a LOT more once the XR and XS were launched. How this article can just concentrate on lumentum but ignore similar warnings from austrian company AMS (also a apple 3d sensor supplier, see stock down massively), Qvoro, Skyworks etc. is beyond me. Are all these DIFFERENT suppliers lying?? Is it a big anti apple conspiracy?? Or did apple do what apple always does?? Get its suppliers to stuff the channel with inventory right up to the moment apple tells them "hey you know what, we dont need all the product you produced, cut back." Finisar will report its results next week. Analysts are not completely stupid and asked if Finisar was the reason for the order cut. The Finisar sherman texas factory that will produce VCSEL chips for apple is not expected to come fully on line until March. Per Lumentum its takes about 7 weeks from the time an order is received from apple until delivery. So if Finisar is not expected to get up and running fully for about 16 weeks (at the time of the notice from apple), there would be a supply gap of several weeks. Besides Lumentum there is little excess production that can be switched over. That was the reason apple approached finisar, to get more supply and more importantly, to keep competitors from that potential supply. Furthermore the much vaunted 390 million dollar investment in Finisar by apple is not actual cash. Per Finisar they specifically corrected news reports to say it is just pre orders from apple, not an actual investment. Finisar received NO money from apple. Furthermore Foxconn the assembler of Iphones for apple announced cut backs. Does this all sound like Iphone demand is booming?? Capiche??
    No offense, but this happens every year. Apple wanted to be able to meet supply to meet the initial rush, which was less due to this being an S cycle. Apple May have overprojected sales but there are a boat load of reasons they backed off, including a drastically cooling economy in the US.