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  • Why the end of unit sales reporting of Macs, iPhone, and iPad isn't bad news for Apple

    Was this article written by the apple fan club president?? I am a lumentum (and finisar) shareholder and listened to the lumentum conference call on the order cut. They indeed still get about 30 percent of their business from Apple and were expecting a LOT more once the XR and XS were launched. How this article can just concentrate on lumentum but ignore similar warnings from austrian company AMS (also a apple 3d sensor supplier, see stock down massively), Qvoro, Skyworks etc. is beyond me. Are all these DIFFERENT suppliers lying?? Is it a big anti apple conspiracy?? Or did apple do what apple always does?? Get its suppliers to stuff the channel with inventory right up to the moment apple tells them "hey you know what, we dont need all the product you produced, cut back." Finisar will report its results next week. Analysts are not completely stupid and asked if Finisar was the reason for the order cut. The Finisar sherman texas factory that will produce VCSEL chips for apple is not expected to come fully on line until March. Per Lumentum its takes about 7 weeks from the time an order is received from apple until delivery. So if Finisar is not expected to get up and running fully for about 16 weeks (at the time of the notice from apple), there would be a supply gap of several weeks. Besides Lumentum there is little excess production that can be switched over. That was the reason apple approached finisar, to get more supply and more importantly, to keep competitors from that potential supply. Furthermore the much vaunted 390 million dollar investment in Finisar by apple is not actual cash. Per Finisar they specifically corrected news reports to say it is just pre orders from apple, not an actual investment. Finisar received NO money from apple. Furthermore Foxconn the assembler of Iphones for apple announced cut backs. Does this all sound like Iphone demand is booming?? Capiche??
    No offense, but this happens every year. Apple wanted to be able to meet supply to meet the initial rush, which was less due to this being an S cycle. Apple May have overprojected sales but there are a boat load of reasons they backed off, including a drastically cooling economy in the US.
  • iPhone XR demand reportedly forcing Apple to cut production expansion plans

    tmay said:
    avon b7 said:
    how about Apple stop making the same phone year after year come up with a new concept or a new UI  They act like we care about faster this and faster that we want a new phone  I refused the update I will stay with my X Until I am impressed
    What do you want, a circle-phone? How about you figure out that Apple doesn't do change for change's sake? Ive has commented on this many times. Most recently:

    “It starts with the determination not to fall into the trap of just making things different. Because when a product has been highly regarded there is often a desire from people to see it redesigned. I think one of the most important things is that you change something not to make it different but to make it better.”
    There's a beautiful English word that comes to mind whenever people speak from a corporate mindset but want to send a 'message': BOLLOCKS!!

    That quote struck a nerve because it is bollocks in the purest form.

    Did the injection moulded (18 months of work!) Flower Power and Dalmatian iMacs make them better? Nope!

    Was the sunflower iMac such a better design hit that it was repeated? Was the hockey puck mouse (with one button) better than those that came before it? Were spring loaded CD trays better than motorised trays?

    Is Jony Ive better to listen to when he looks away from the camera into nothingness on a white background and speaks like he's spaced out? LOL!

    How did iluminating the Apple logo on laptops make them 'better'. How did taking that away make them 'better'? Did eliminating battery status leds make things better. Magsafe was born to resolve a common problem. Given the design of USB-C ports and where the expensive consequences of a damaged connector are, was removing magsafe really better?

    There are many reasons for change! Budget constrictions, industry trends, marketing, doing what your boss tells you do and of course making them better but in any case you need to define 'better' because one man's 'better' can be another man's 'worse'. I'm looking at you, butterfly keyboard!

    Does Huawei even consider Industrial design of its products, and if they do, do they just contract it out like they do camera design? Most everything Huawei looks derivative, like the mini chin, with as many features packed in as possible, and given that Apple and Jony Ive are behind the original designs that these copy, you might want to stop mocking him.

    Yeah, the butterfly switch keyboards have had problems for a small number of the overall users, an engineering and manufacturing problem, and it has certainly evolved in its now third generation, all in the name of cutting the keystroke by 40% over the design from 2015, because thinner Mac's is what the public wants. The biggest issue that Apple has yet to resolve is keystroke noise.
    Forget it, he's rolling. 

    The iMac design was beloved, it was one of the things that gave the market confidence that Apple wasn't going to die. I seem to recall the Flower Power iMac selling well. Also recall Magsafe didn't exactly have great luck with fire if I recall correctly. Apple's industrial design is one of the reasons it is the richest companies on Planet Earth. I'd take what Ive has to say on design over the Internet commenter crowd any day of the week.  Not all design decisions they have made have been perfect but that's one of the consequences of innovation, it's silly to point out the wrong without pointing out the massive amount of things they have got right. 

    I am not the biggest fan of the butterfly keyboard but to be honest it is an improvement over the weak, flimsy design of the keyboard I typed this message on, which would be the keyboard on the 2012 MacBook Air.