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  • Huawei cloning Apple parts, rewarding employees for tech theft

    At least the Chinesse realize they dont have what is required to create such amazing products and they are trying to learn how to make it... is bad but you have to learn somewere.... Apple need to protect better its investments
    Lol. Let me know when an iphone shoots better pics than even the cheapest Huawei. For your info the best smartphone in the world is the Huawei Mate 20 pro. 
  • Apple insists App Store 'not a monopoly,' expects to win in court

    apple ][ said:
    ralphie said:with iOS the developer has NO choice.
    They have the choice of not developing any apps for iOS. Nobody ever forced anybody to make any iOS apps.
    The app store is a monopoly. Remember when Windows was forced to offer explorer as an option? well consumers wants options. The ios app store should be given as an option not as the only app store available. 
  • Apple lowers holiday quarter guidance on lower than expected iPhone sales

    What's that "splat" sound you hear?

    It's millions of haters/losers/idiots all over the world having a collective orgasm at hearing this news. Seems they can only be happy when there's bad news about Apple.
    Perhaps you do dont know that Iphones in China costs 30% more than in the US. I bought mine in Hong Kong because is cheaper. Most people in the Mainland cannot justify the pricing considering that local phone makers offer similar or superior phones cheaper. In China all we need is Wechat and Alipay app which run on every platforms. I can tell you that uthe arguments that China economy is slowing is bull since other phone makers are still expanding. Perhaps if Apple released phones worth upgrading then things would be different. Truth is that Apple cannot longer compete with Huawei and Oneplus in the high-end, since their phones are superior and cheaper. 
    neil andersonavon b7
  • 'High severity' kernel security flaw found in macOS file system

    I can see Apple haters latching onto this for years to come while ignoring the millions of viruses/malware etc. that knockoff iPhones(99.9% malware) and Windows machines(99% malware) have.

    Apple just has to slip once on a clean floor while MS/Goog are swimming in a swamp.

    tyler82 said:
    So much for that Apple = security thing. 

    Hackers and virus writers are not interested in an OS yhat account for less than 10% of computers and phones. If they were our macs and ios devices will be as bad as windows if not worse.