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  • Apple insists App Store 'not a monopoly,' expects to win in court

    apple ][ said:
    ralphie said:with iOS the developer has NO choice.
    They have the choice of not developing any apps for iOS. Nobody ever forced anybody to make any iOS apps.
    The app store is a monopoly. Remember when Windows was forced to offer explorer as an option? well consumers wants options. The ios app store should be given as an option not as the only app store available. 
  • 'High severity' kernel security flaw found in macOS file system

    I can see Apple haters latching onto this for years to come while ignoring the millions of viruses/malware etc. that knockoff iPhones(99.9% malware) and Windows machines(99% malware) have.

    Apple just has to slip once on a clean floor while MS/Goog are swimming in a swamp.

    tyler82 said:
    So much for that Apple = security thing. 

    Hackers and virus writers are not interested in an OS yhat account for less than 10% of computers and phones. If they were our macs and ios devices will be as bad as windows if not worse. 
  • Huawei cloning Apple parts, rewarding employees for tech theft

    tulkas said:
    MacPro said:
    No different to Google really, didn't those programmers that created Android v2 (i.e. the one they rushed out to copy iOS after they dropped their Blackberry knock off) get paid?  Those programmers being paid was a reward for tech theft just as much.
    Exactly. Huawei is copying everyone. They are the new Samsung. Samsung copied everyone for many years. Android is unabashed copy. Windows was a copy of MacOS. Sure, Huawei is a little more James Bond about it, but Apple has been the target of IP theft for decades. 

    It's always made me laugh when the haters bash everything Apple and then use clones of Apple products. It's like they are trying to clown themselves. 
    Actually Apple is rarely the first to market. Wireless charging is an example I guess copying that from other is only good if Apple is doing it.  And then the the software gestures in ios 11 on copied from Blackberry and the upcoming three cameras copied from Huawei it is all good as long it is made by Apple
  • Three iPhones likely coming in Sept. 2019, with one a refresh of the LCD iPhone XR

    If they do not release them with 5G they will not sell any. 
  • White House's National Economic Council head hints China may have stolen Apple tech

    gatorguy said:
    What did they steal? The only thing I could think of would be something related to their A Series processors, as most other components in iPhones are purchased from suppliers and not designed specifically by Apple.

    And given how far behind their processors are, I don't think they did a very good job of stealing anything.
    I would have thought it obvious that it's not just about "the processor". There's several Apple features and the technologies that make them possible from face recognition to AI development, audio techniques and sensors, security chipsets and interfaces... That China may have "stolen" some of that from Apple is nearly a given IMHO. 

    Pretty much everything you listed is integrated directly into the processor, or is tightly tied to it.
    The processor is manufactured in Taiwan not in China by TAiwan semiconductor.