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  • Apple's quiet update to Siri Shortcuts brings the niche tool into the mainstream

    I can see where the name Siri Shortcuts can cause some confusion , but this is a tech forum. You don’t require Siri to use the shortcuts. You can put a button on the home screen. 

    I have a shortcut to put in weight and body fat readings in to health. I don’t have a Bluetooth scale and this makes it quick and easy. 

    I got got one that I can select the destination and uses my current location to calculate how much longer, then sends a text. Great for commuting. 

    One to turn offf Bluetooth and WiFi. 
    One to turn them both back on and send a text. 

    It is not that hard. 
  • Apple Watch Series 4 ECG spots AFib in owner, leading to life-saving procedure

    I look at the Apple Watch as a way to get more data points under real world usage. The problem with doctor offices is it is slow to get an appointment and then the readings are not the same as usual due to change in environment, not under stress of work etc. 

    something I the untrained, noticed with my Apple Watch, is ever so often in my readings my heart rate drops below 60 BPM, sometimes below 50 BPM. My range over the last year and a half is 38 to 190. I’m not athletic. Sometimes it happens at night, but it happens during the day when I’m active. It is like a dip of 15-25BPM from the surrounding readings during the day. Sometimes my resting rate during the day is lower than at night. This happens several times a week. 

    Does anyone else else experience this? I know this isn’t a heath forum, but there seems to be knowledgeable people on here. I can’t seem to find information on dipping of the heart rate like this.  

    E: currently have the series 4, ECG hasn’t picked up anything bad, but is nice to have. I had the series 2.