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  • Compared: Apple Studio Display versus Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro monitor

    My Apple Studio Display arrived (via the Apple Stork) Saturday afternoon on April 16th. I viewed the Apple Studio Display at my local Apple Store before purchase. I was very impressed by its resolution, color fidelity and sharpness. Since I had a 2018 MacBook Air coupled with a Blackmagic eGPU, I wanted a large screen monitor to maximize performance of the eGPU. (There is a bandwidth performance "bottleneck" when the eGPU is hooked up directly to the MBA Thunderbolt port rather than connecting the monitor to the eGPU and then connecting the eGPU to the MBA apparently from published online benchmarks.)

    BTW, I was curious if that observation was true. From my very short experience, I would say that the "daisy chain" technique between the computer, display and the eGAPU works to improve performance significantly and in the macOS "Activity Monitor" it does NOW reports correctly that I am using the eGPU graphics card for mosts tasks..

    Anyway, I have no complaints. Accurate "native" resolution to the MBA that the Apple 5K Studio Display now provides has been an immediate joy to my eyes. The speakers are great (best sound I have ever heard from any "all in one" desktop computer, display monitor or any  27" - 42" HDTV.

    The problematic webcam is as reviewers have stated, desperately needs that firmware update which Apple promised badly. (The only thing I can say is that its 1080 p camera image is better than my MBA 720 p webcam image - admittedly a very low bar to surpass. Grin.)

    BTW, one final note. Early online reviewers have noted that their Studio Displays needed an automatic firmware update.  When I first mated my Studio Display to my MBA, no such firmware update was required so I'm guessing Apple fixed that issue by the time my Display was shipped.
  • Abandoned $10 billion Apple Car project referred to as 'Titanic disaster' by employees

    A little history goes a long way to understanding why Project Titan was cancelled. Back in 2016, CNET (as did many other tech publications) published their article titled " Apple invests $1 billion in China's Uber competitor to "learn more about the market". It was speculated that Apple's Project Titan was NOT an attempt to build a "Tesla" clone or follow Tesla's business model but rather would use their Apple designed EV self driving "transportation pod"  that would form the basis for a car-sharing service that would be used by urban citizens around the world.  Unfortunately, that car sharing business model never became viable and so the need for ANOTHER EV automobile maker just selling basic transportation became an untenable business model for Apple.
  • Original HomePods, new iPads, and rumors of future iPhones on the AppleInsider Podcast

    I am still enjoying my "Day 1" HomePod stereo pair daily and I believe I will continue to do so for many years to come. After all, "Vintage" age - or ears - is just a state of mind anyway. Grin.