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  • Original HomePods, new iPads, and rumors of future iPhones on the AppleInsider Podcast

    I am still enjoying my "Day 1" HomePod stereo pair daily and I believe I will continue to do so for many years to come. After all, "Vintage" age - or ears - is just a state of mind anyway. Grin.
  • Abandoned $10 billion Apple Car project referred to as 'Titanic disaster' by employees

    A little history goes a long way to understanding why Project Titan was cancelled. Back in 2016, CNET (as did many other tech publications) published their article titled " Apple invests $1 billion in China's Uber competitor to "learn more about the market". It was speculated that Apple's Project Titan was NOT an attempt to build a "Tesla" clone or follow Tesla's business model but rather would use their Apple designed EV self driving "transportation pod"  that would form the basis for a car-sharing service that would be used by urban citizens around the world.  Unfortunately, that car sharing business model never became viable and so the need for ANOTHER EV automobile maker just selling basic transportation became an untenable business model for Apple.
  • Looks like YouTube will make an Apple Vision Pro app after all

    I read that a third party Apple Vision Pro app was created to allow YouTube videos in an independent AVP window. I suspect that since one was created, the powers-that-be over at YouTube figured it would be in their own interests to release an AVP app themselves (as reported on Apple Insider recently).
  • Which Bluetooth devices you can use with Apple Vision Pro

    I am curious about one feature not discussed. We know that Apple Vision Pro only supports one Virtual Display. When the AVP is paired to a MacBook, that single virtual display appears and the MacBook's display is blanked out.

    However, has ANYONE tried this attempt yet.  First use Sidecar tech (either wirelessly or with a cable) to pair an iPad's display to act as a secondary screen to the MacBook. Then pair the MarBook (while still using the iPad display as a secondary extended display, with an Apple Vision Pro.  Once the pairing (AVP to the MacBook), the MacBook's display should go black while the AVP mirrors the MacBook's display as a floating virtual display.

    My question is - will the iPad's display still act as a visible extended display?
  • The best Apple Vision Pro productivity apps at launch

    When it comes to Vision Pro, I hope most reviewers won’t fall into the trap of expecting ever new tech device as the “one device to rule them all” and knock that product for not being able to accomplish that. For example, a tech device doesn’t need to do everything that other tech devices can accomplish. Case in point, the Apple Watch. Yes, the Apple Watch can perform most, if not all, the features of an iPhone but the Apple Watch came into its own by being good at just a few things that it could do - but do those few things exceptionally well. Likewise, the Apple Vision Pro can do productivity - so can a laptop - but productivity will never be Vision Pro’s defining feature nor its main reason for market success.