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  • Logitech launches backlit Slim Folio Pro keyboard case for 2018 iPad Pros

    MplsP said:
    I'm not sure that I get this:   The Logitech Slim keyboard we bought for our Gen6 iPad is good -- it's designed well, constructed well and works well.   But, it is considerably thicker and heavier than the Apple keyboards for the Pro line.   While the biggest / only technical difference is bluetooth versus a smart connector (which to me is no difference at all) the Logitech keyboard adds a ton of bulk and weight to the iPad.

    I would love to hear AI's take on comparing the two.
    Battery for the Bluetooth?

    I have a Logitech keyboard for my 12” iPad Pro - it is a touch thicker than Apples, but the keys are much better - backlit and have a better feel with actual travel. Plus it has a loop to store my Apple Pencil and the row of function keys that Apple forgot on it’s keyboard. My wife has a Bluetooth keyboard for her ipad. it generally works well but she does have intermittent connectivity issues with it. The battery certainly lasts a long time, but it has a habit of dying at inopportune times and needs a mini/micro USB cable that we never have with us because everything else we own uses a lightning connector. That alone is reason enough for me to avoid Bluetooth. I don’t know why Logitech didn’t make their new keyboard compatible with the smart connector like the old one was.
    I guess it’s because of the manipulation that’s required to have it used as a sketch pad. The Smart Connector loses the ability to physically connect. I used a Logi smart folio on my 10.5 2Gand it was great ... a little heavy, but great to use. I’m going for a Brydge for this iPad - 12.9 3G. No Smart Connection either but what the hell, it looks the go!