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  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    After initially ordering in 2016, I've been part of the TextBlade TREG for approximately a year now.

    Originally I never thought that the keyboard would be preferred over traditional keyboards, but personally I'm obsessed about the idea of mobile computing so for me the plan was to not have to use other keyboards anyway. And given the possibilites of configuration and the short distances to move your fingers I see no reason to not desire this as the only keyboard to use.

    Some have expressed that coding might be tricky. First off I would say that special characters isn't a big deal, all standard characters are available and you can add others if you want to that wouldn't be as easily accessible on other keyboards. What might be a bit trickier though could be some shortcuts used in IDEs or editors, but also here you can use the configuration options to make the most commonly used shortcuts from your favorite IDE/editor really simple.

    I did read beforehand that it would take time to get used to and sure I can agree that it takes time to get good touch typing going (especially if you have your own style already, which I did). But I never felt that there was a problem to just start typing if you were a bit calm. I just want to emphasize that even if there are "paradigm shift"-like technology involved it is at the same time not that strange feeling to start using it. 
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Ordered the thing over 4 years ago, I am not in TREG, although have signed up for it years ago. Keyboard might be brilliant, however the company's communication is sub-par: status updates have both decreased in meaningful content and frequency, many unhappy (non TREG) users were banned from the forums, and have not got their queries addressed. I always wondered how successful would this be internationally, as it seems that the multitouch interface of the keys is trying to figure out what letter you wanted to write - I assume in English only?
    I cannot say with certainty in what way the "AI"-generated code helps but I can say that I have no problems typing in Swedish.
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    How distasteful to use the metoo hashtag for this.