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    Please do not engage in the same behavior you condemn in the same breath:
    Instead of attacking the posters answer the questions please. (Even if you feel slighted do not engage in bickering / personal attack & defense)
    ==>That would be a more productive use of your time and comments sections of this article and much more valued by your audience.

    A few points:

    a) DBK does not need you to defend him. 

    b) He is not the only "real customer". You have very many past, present and future prospective customers in this audience. Don't get confused.

    c) The Assembly / MC argument was interesting (not the attacking parts in any direction), BUT it was a side argument at best, and completely unrelated to the topic in question. Why engage on that but dodge all product & project questions ?

    Just answer the PRODUCT & PROJECT questions please. That is what we are all here for. We have not received 1 single product & project answer except you will provide a technical update before the end of May after 1024 posts so far.

    IMAGINE THIS. You are not WT and this is not about the TB. You are a regular customer:

    1- You are a customer that placed an order for something years ago, and you have not received it because of delays for WHATEVER (valid) reason

    2- You are engaged enough that you have not forgotten about it, and in fact you read about it almost every day for 4+ years

    3- It is only natural you would be upset, anxious & frustrated, and wanting information on the product & status of the project

    4- INSTEAD of a deluge of information, the information you receive as a customer has been less and less and now almost nothing and even the updates are lately not coming almost at all.

    5- The vendor (proudly & constantly) offers refunds for frustrated customers as if that solved anything. You just want your thing.

    6- There is an exclusive very small group of testers that have had units for years and tell you constantly how great the product you can't have is. How "worth of the wait" it is.
    (Side comment: Kind of bizarre situation that somebody that has what you want, tells you that you should be happy you don't have it and you should be happy to keep waiting. That is what "worth the wait" means for us. WE will tell YOU later if it was worth the wait or not).

    7- After you post at the vendor site, you get silenced like in a police state. You get banned & perhaps even forcefully refunded too for your troubles.

    8- You believe you did nothing to warrant being banned. When you email the vendor, you receive no response, or you get one liners or comments that have nothing to do to what you posted. The best you get is "we will let the ban stand for a while". 7 months more go by and you are still silenced.

    9- The vendor does not post much info on the product & project, but spends a ton of time discussing unrelated Apple stuff helping a tester with his computer, cooktops, helmets, and airplane crashes. BUT NOTHING on the project status dodging every question and postponing any answer to future upcoming updates. 

    10- You see a glowing review article and you jump into the comments section but the vendor only engages in attack and defense posturing, and provides nothing substantial and dodges every product & project questions, and only promises an upcoming update.

    ==> Have you been able to follow this exercise and visualize yourself as this customer ? Can YOU imagine how YOU would feel ? THINK ABOUT IT.


    1 - Do an AMA as it was suggested many times. Perhaps after the technical update it would be great to have a Q&A session (on topic).

    2 - Unban people reminding them of the WTF forum rules and move this discussion to your site. Some of us engage here because we have no other venue. Capiche ?

    3- Provide more info and answer questions. Unless you have a gag order by a court it is incredible that you are not eager to share much more and have your "come to Jesus moment" and spill clearly what the situation is and what can be expected. It would relieve you a lot of the stress and would help you in your troubled relation with your customers. WE ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS.
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    @Rolanbek ;
    Still no word on whether there will be any word on whether there will be any word on the update about the next technical update. 
    And after a sentence like that I might have to go and have a little sit down with a coffee to recover.
    Ha. I had to truly read it twice, and the very sad part is that is 100% accurate.

    We are waiting on an update, of the update and all the "substance" we get is  "
    It contains many things you’ll like"...

    I would be honestly embarrassed if I cannot put together an update document in a few weeks time. In any company your boss would kick your ass to oblivion as it is 100% in your absolute control.
    Can you even imagine (the not so nice) Steve Jobs condoning this ? "Real artists ship".

    Just the time that has passed since the end of May should have been more than adequate to describe the status of SpaceX new rocket (not so subtle Elon Musk reference implied), and a little more involved technology too.

    Unless the upcoming court appearance has an impact and lawyers have counseled to stay mum....hummmm
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Interesting post at WTF from Verixon:

    The last post on that thread from WT kind of minimizes the message to an "unfortunate episode":
    Verxion - thanks for sharing your experience. Very sorry he was unkind to you, and grateful he calmed down in response to your goodwill.
    They seem to have missed completely the moral of the story...

    And then went on on highlight why it has been so difficult to post an update so far:
    Although we’ve posted many points relating to our infrastructure work, there’s some important and exciting dimensions that we know folks are anxious to learn. We own that task, and we apologize for the time it takes to work through it. That onus is on us, and feel it profoundly every day, until our update is online and it’s put behind us.
    Reporting tidbits of data is not hard, we’ve been doing that, but to embrace what folks really want, and provide them enough context and depth of detail to understand it - that takes much more thought and care. Much of that involves not writing, but instead working through important decisions by our team about how we handle certain technical and business choices that defend our customers best interests. Some of those choices have more aspects than you first think, so you must work to settle any loose ends before you announce.

    Ending in a few more platitudes in F minor:

    We’re grateful for the prods, goodwill, and encouragement of many good people like you, that help us do it. We hope each of you are very pleased as you learn what we’ve been busy doing.

    @WayTools_Support: the whole point was to try to share how the non-treggers feel regardless of the (sometimes lack of) decorum. That gets compounded significantly when not a proper update has been published for months or years, and even much more so when so many updates have been promised and not delivered in quite a very long time. (since way before that post of mine that Verixon shared in his first link)

    In this situation MORE communication is better than LESS. The more transparent you are the better. For example if there are unforeseen new problems just say so. Or if there are new wrinkles to an old problem mention it in the update. Everybody would want to witness the announcement of GR, but if that cannot be the case but you are forthcoming and transparent that would be so much better for you and everybody.

    @dabigkahuna: I would appreciate if you can post the above in some shape or form at WTF as I can't. Thanks.

    edit: just saw Alex's 1587 post. Sorry for the duplicate link.

  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient


    Regardless that post 1025 was ignored, switching gears can you please share your perspective on how future proof in terms of HW design & components you think the TB is ? (ie BT 4, standard USB, current processors, operating systems support, etc)

    Imagining that the TB gets launched (to the masses) late 2019 / early 2020, it would be roughly 5 years since original HW design at least. For sure you had started working on it a few years prior.

    A few things seem less relevant than others for now like USB-C, but in 3/4 years time that might not be the case. More concerned of evolving bluetooth standards (5.1 presented in Jan 2019).

    So what is your perspective hardware wise ?