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  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Interesting post at WTF from Verixon:

    The last post on that thread from WT kind of minimizes the message to an "unfortunate episode":
    Verxion - thanks for sharing your experience. Very sorry he was unkind to you, and grateful he calmed down in response to your goodwill.
    They seem to have missed completely the moral of the story...

    And then went on on highlight why it has been so difficult to post an update so far:
    Although we’ve posted many points relating to our infrastructure work, there’s some important and exciting dimensions that we know folks are anxious to learn. We own that task, and we apologize for the time it takes to work through it. That onus is on us, and feel it profoundly every day, until our update is online and it’s put behind us.
    Reporting tidbits of data is not hard, we’ve been doing that, but to embrace what folks really want, and provide them enough context and depth of detail to understand it - that takes much more thought and care. Much of that involves not writing, but instead working through important decisions by our team about how we handle certain technical and business choices that defend our customers best interests. Some of those choices have more aspects than you first think, so you must work to settle any loose ends before you announce.

    Ending in a few more platitudes in F minor:

    We’re grateful for the prods, goodwill, and encouragement of many good people like you, that help us do it. We hope each of you are very pleased as you learn what we’ve been busy doing.

    @WayTools_Support: the whole point was to try to share how the non-treggers feel regardless of the (sometimes lack of) decorum. That gets compounded significantly when not a proper update has been published for months or years, and even much more so when so many updates have been promised and not delivered in quite a very long time. (since way before that post of mine that Verixon shared in his first link)

    In this situation MORE communication is better than LESS. The more transparent you are the better. For example if there are unforeseen new problems just say so. Or if there are new wrinkles to an old problem mention it in the update. Everybody would want to witness the announcement of GR, but if that cannot be the case but you are forthcoming and transparent that would be so much better for you and everybody.

    @dabigkahuna: I would appreciate if you can post the above in some shape or form at WTF as I can't. Thanks.

    edit: just saw Alex's 1587 post. Sorry for the duplicate link.

  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    What keyboard is sorely missing in the following article ?

    Ah...they must have meant AVAILABLE ones...

  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    New visitors to the WT web site are told 'what to expect' for orders placed today. Ship window: Fall. Ship time, a mere 4-7 days.

    A calendar on the WT web site indicates that....oops...if only you had ordered sooner, you would have received your Textblade already. Those of us who ordered long ago are apparently already received our Textblades for April and May (dang! if only we checked our mail more often!), June Textblades are rolling in, and July - September Textblades are coming soon!

    Then there's some sort of blue-green infographic bar graph thing going on for Oct, Nov, Dec. Maybe the blues are Dvorak Textblades, and the greens are Qwerty Textblades? Anyone care to guess? Who knows?

    The point is, this graphic, which has been on the WT web site for years, estimates your product will arrive in Nov 2019 if you order now. This is a blatant lie. Mark Knighton constructed this graphic to deceive new customers into giving him money. He is a liar and a scam artist. You will not receive your Textblade in June, July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, or Dec of 2019, or 2020, or 2021, or 2022.

    I particularly like the “Preorder Now for Early Delivery”. I shudder to think what he considers Late Delivery to be. 
    @poisednoise ;
    You made me laugh. But jokes aside this is the availability page I mentioned a few times to be so misleading for years.

    I cannot believe there is still silence reining at WT. Something to do with the Summer Solstice date mentioned above ?
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    WayTools_Support said in May 2019:
    Arkorott - firmware infrastructure update is main focus, per our posts on our forum.
    We’ll be giving a tech update this month on our forum, with some of the interesting technical details.  Please have a look there for news about it.  Thanks
     :*  :s has been more that a month since the first early May promise from WT...

    It is embarrassing and disrespectful of customers and supporters when you don't even post un update for a year or more, and you promise and then not deliver it, and repeat the cycle with new self imposed deadlines and silence over and over.

    The behavior is inexcusable. You control 100% the document to be created and shared. The whole month of May and the first week of June and silence...we are told that we will get something we like....

    edit: typos last sentence
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    @Rolanbek ;
    Still no word on whether there will be any word on whether there will be any word on the update about the next technical update. 
    And after a sentence like that I might have to go and have a little sit down with a coffee to recover.
    Ha. I had to truly read it twice, and the very sad part is that is 100% accurate.

    We are waiting on an update, of the update and all the "substance" we get is  "
    It contains many things you’ll like"...

    I would be honestly embarrassed if I cannot put together an update document in a few weeks time. In any company your boss would kick your ass to oblivion as it is 100% in your absolute control.
    Can you even imagine (the not so nice) Steve Jobs condoning this ? "Real artists ship".

    Just the time that has passed since the end of May should have been more than adequate to describe the status of SpaceX new rocket (not so subtle Elon Musk reference implied), and a little more involved technology too.

    Unless the upcoming court appearance has an impact and lawyers have counseled to stay mum....hummmm