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  • Parallels working to bring Windows 11 to Mac

    I’m running windows 11 pro ARM it was an update available through the Insider Preview.  I updated a windows 10 VM to Windows 11 with parallels.  In the hardware option you can click add and include a TPM module.  The feature is available in the Parallels Pro Edition, not sure about the standard edition.  

    It worked for me and I have windows 11 pro ARM running on my M1 MacBook Air with no noticeable slowdown. 

  • Facebook-backed study claims default apps dominate on iPhone, Android

    That’s like an oil company paying for research into renewable energy, or a tobacco company researching the effects of smoking  ;)
  • Twelve years later, Apple is still trying to erase email addresses

    I got the a great email address with my first initial and surname for my wife and I. I then got mobile me family account and signed my daughters up with personal before they were born.  Just to make sure they could keep them  :D #parenting101
  • Unsurprisingly, the Apple Card isn't 100% titanium

    I’m waiting for a clear aluminium card.  Scotty was able to create it on an original Mac. So how hard could it be ?  ;)
  • Apple's new MacBook Air debuts at $999 with 256GB storage, quad-core options

    razorpit said:
    Nice little laptop. I really wish they would have a 16" version. My wife is currently working off of an ancient 15" Pro (2006). She doesn't want a 13" because the screen is just a little bit too small for what she does and understandably doesn't want to be tied in to a monitor.

    When she works from home she remotes in to her office desktop. While the new 16" MBP is awesome, it's overkill for what she does.

    It’s a fine balance, I need a light weight machine as well because  a have back problems.  I have the 13” MacBook Air. Then I have a monitor at home and work.  When I’m on the road I use my iPad Pro as a second screen. 
  • Microsoft updates CPU requirements for Windows 11

    I’m running Windows 11 Pro ARM (Insider build) on my M1 MacBook Air with Parallels.  It’s pretty fast and is usable, with Microsoft’s x86 emulation build into Windows for ARM I can run most apps.  

    Having said all that I only use Windows when there is no Mac equivalent for an app, this happens less and less these days.  The ARM version of Windows is not currently available for retail, which means that running it on Parallels is just proof of concept.  

    Also Microsoft are just rolling out Windows 365 which gives access to Windows on a VM that you can configure yourself.  By all the accounts I’ve heard it works well on iPads , Macs and even Chrome books. 

    I think running a local installation of Windows on a Mac has become less and  less relevant in the last 10 years. 

  • Meross Wi-Fi Smart Plug review: A low-cost way into HomeKit automation

    The US version linked doesn't support HomeKit
    The UK version has HomeKit support straight out of the box. I think the older version didn’t have HomeKit support, i am not sure if it’s a simple firmware update you need or just to make sure you have the newest model.