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  • Apple TV+ 'Tiny World' filmmakers used gas-retaining diving gear for underwater shots

    It is called a “Rebreather”. I have one for my dives. It “scrubs” the air clean of carbon dioxide and refreshes and recirculates the air we use underwater. Expensive and needs careful set up to avoid something going seriously wrong…
  • EU carriers want Apple's Private Relay blocked

    As someone who lives in  a European country (but not one that is a member of the E.U.) I am getting sick of the foot stamping and demands that Apple constantly has to adjust how it does business here… I love being a citizen of the applesphere but I wish Apple would show more guts and stand up to the ridiculous demands that the E.U. Is regularly pulling out of the hat! I can fully understand why so many folks in European Union countries are becoming disheartened by the shenanigans of the E.U. mandarins, they are demanding too many petty changes in the way companies like Apple conduct their business in member states. I don’t always agree with everything Apple does or says but the E.U. mandarins need to take a chill pill and concentrate on the serious matters that have a negative impact on the citizens of European Union member states… I love being the owner of iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple Watch Series 7 45mm Cellular, and AirPods Pro!
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  • How we ended up with the 'Pregnant Man' Emoji

    I as someone who self-identifies as “Non-binary” welcome the addition of the pregnant man emoji. Why should someone born biologically female who comes to the knowledge that the “gender, “ that was imposed on them at birth by society is not the one they identify with and who transitions to a male identity but still carries the ability to become pregnant and give birth be denied the opportunity to see themselves acknowledged in an emoji! Trans men and woman accept that their biological sex is not changeable, but as I have already mentioned earlier “gender” is a label applied by society, just as he/she, her/him, and his/hers mean nothing because they are labels and nothing else! As someone born to  very forward thinking parents I was not immediately taken to the “boys toys” section of the toy store when we visited one, I was given the choice of toy or toys that I wanted the most and allowed to choose from both the “boys toys” & “girls toys” sections equally. Those with small minds are often irrationally enraged  by small things and a pregnant man emoji is definitely a small thing… As someone who identifies as Non-binary I live my life expressing both the make  and female aspects of my personality. I say well done and thank you to those responsible for introducing the pregnant man emoji.
  • Review: The WT2 Plus translation earbuds allow you to converse with almost anyone with eas...

    When I first saw this review I instantly thought “let’s have a look at this it sounds like something just up my street (in other words something I might be buying). But when I reached what your opinion was of their translation accuracy my interest began to wain a little. I already speak English, Norwegian, Swedish, quite good Danish and my Icelandic is coming along nicely...  But the thought of being able to converse in some exotic language should I ever visit the country where that language is dominant really appeals. I am guessing that the problem these very promising Earbuds have differentiating between English and German is down mainly as already mentioned the similarity between words in each language. English is itself a Germanic language, west Germanic, and of course German is the root language of the other Germanic European languages, the language spoken in the Nordic countries is north Germanic (the settlers who moved to what we call Scandinavia (not including Finland because Finland isn’t a Scandinavian country it is a Nordic country and its language is rooted in Hungarian...)) Took with them the German spoken in northwestern Germany and English is a west Germanic language because it came with settlers to England from the western part of Germany..The only way I can see the developers of these potentially very useful translation Earbuds have of hoping to increase their accuracy translating between English and German is to tweek their ability to handle the sometimes less than subtle differences between what are basically two versions of the same language (British English and American English are fantastic examples of one language split into two because of subtle differences but which don’t stop those from either country having a perfectly normal conversation...). I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on these but not rushing over to my Amazon account to buy some quite yet, they will definitely need to sort out the way they fit our ears as well, I hated the so called fit of Apple AirPods  before the Pros were released, I love my AirPods Pro after only a month of getting them because they are now truly wearable (the sound of my music has also become enjoyable thanks to the new tech built in to my AirPods Pro, pick the right music and the bass and soundstage improves dramatically, they can only put out what we put in!). Nuff said...
  • Apple's iPhone 13 is significantly faster than Samsung's latest Galaxy S22

    This doesn’t surprise me one little bit… I can’t wait to show this article to my best friend who once lived & breathed everything Apple but suddenly ditched his Apple devices and switched to Android powered tech (Samsung to be exact). He says he is 100% happy with his current flagship Samsung smartphone but I know him well enough to have an idea that he is really impressed with how things have changed regarding Apple tech in the time since he ditched Apple (approx 5 yrs), he definitely admires the look of my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Even though the camera performance of his flagship Samsung smartphone is undeniably fantastic my friend agrees with me that the lens array on my 13 Pro Max makes the lenses on his phone look really ugly and do nothing for the phone’s aesthetics! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if come September/October this year he hasn’t converted back to Apple and is  carrying around an iPhone 14 Pro Max (and joining me wearing a fantastic Apple Watch, he admits he’s really envious of my Apple Watch Series 7 45mm (PRODUCT) RED Cellular…). He also has a Samsung smartwatch(???) but would use Apple Watch with his Samsung if they were compatible. Bring on iPhone 14 Pro Max and the A16 Bionic chip Apple, this very happy citizen of the AppleSphere can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve next!

    (having read the comment from a previous respondent to this article I can honestly say I am really impressed with the staying power (performance) of the battery in my iPhone 13 Pro Max, especially when all the not really required features are turned off!).)
  • Apple Watch Series 7 has a fast charging problem

    I was really enjoying reading this article about a piece of tech that I love wearing, Apple Watch Series 7 45mm. But then my enjoyment of the article came to a dead stop. The writer of this article says it is all but impossible to differentiate between the “standard” Apple Watch charging puck (USB-A) and the series 7 charging puck (USB-C)… The charging puck that comes with the series 7 is distinctly different, it has a silver colored trim around the outer edge! I doubt anyone would fail to differentiate between the slower charging plain white puck and the silver edged faster charging puck (they even feel distinctly different if handled with our eyes closed. Yet again someone publishes an article which contains a blaring mistake, I’m guessing that the articles printed on AI don’t go through a “proof checking” process because this isn’t the first article I’ve found to contain mistakes  (an occasional acknowledgment of my eagle eyes would be very welcome. But it can’t be nice having an article taken to task by someone who doesn’t claim to be a journalist, so the deafening silence doesn’t surprise me…).
  • Compared: Rumored 47mm Apple Watch Series 8 size versus Series 7

    Bring it on Apple… Love my 45mm cellular red S7 but I was a little disappointed that Apple didn’t bump up the size a bit more so the the largest S7 really was obviously larger (screen wise that is…). But this year I’m probably staying with my fantastic 13 Pro Max - but if a 47mm Apple Watch S8 is released I’ll definitely be trading in my 45mm (please Apple don’t stop offering it in the gorgeous red shade I and many of my friends really love…).  Bring it on Apple.