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  • Mark Zuckerberg says 'competitive interests' drive Apple's push for privacy

    Apple has been a privacy advocate since the inception of the iPhone! 
  • Apple Silicon MacBook Air versus 13-inch MacBook Pro - which to buy

    When I watched the keynote it was plain to see the differences in these two machines! They gave us the specs on both the air and the pro models. They even showed you the recommended work load differences! 
    The pro model has a FAN, which means it’s gonna be clocked higher thus the reason for the FAN! Which also means a heavier work load than the air! How hard is that to understand?” Nobody’s gonna buy a computer and not research it first. It’s not Apple’s job to sell you on one or the other, there job is to TELL YOU THE DIFFERENCE and let you decide which one you want. How is any of this confusing?” The pro is not worth getting over the air just for better battery life? I would agree if that were the only difference but it’s not! Try editing and rendering multiple 4K videos over a few hours on a machine with no FAN! I’ll go one further, try recording and editing on quality 
    music production software a few hours on a machine 
    with no FAN! Not gonna work for long! So NO” we are not wrapped in confusion by these two machines! I understand you need talking points however assumed confusion by these two machines is not one of them, as we can readily tell the difference.
  • Epic says Apple no longer plans to disable 'Sign in with Apple'

     I like Apple’s closed platform that’s One of the main reason Why I buy their products, if something’s not working right whether it’s hardware or software I go straight to the Apple store and tell them to fix it or show me what the hell I’m suppose to be doing! Lol! I don’t want to give that up.
  • Atlanta Apple Store shooting arrest, COVID fund theft in the Apple Crime Blotter

    There was never a shooting at that store, it was outside of the mall over a product bought from Apple in the mall. It was never near the store.
  • Apple Silicon iMac & MacBook Pro expected in 2021, 32-core Mac Pro in 2022

    tipoo said:
    Just to add something, GPU core counts are all counted differently and meaningless across architectures. An Apple GPU core is 128 ALUs, say an Intel one is 8. 

    Seeing what they did with the 8C M1, the prospect of a 128 core Apple GPU is amazingly tantalizing, that's 16,384 unified shaders.
    Man, I’m not sure what to expect from that! Lol!