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  • Apple asks Foxconn to move iPad, MacBook production from China to Vietnam

    tzeshan said:
    Very funny. Despite Trump repeatedly claims US is the greatest country in the world. US and all other countries are not able to replace Taiwanese company Foxconn in assembling iPhone, iPad, MacBooks, AirPods. I like to know why Taiwanese is so superior to US and all other countries including China and India?
    Maybe because a true government of China sits in Taiwan?
  • Apple asks Foxconn to move iPad, MacBook production from China to Vietnam

    seanj said:
    The Chinese people, contrary to right wing propaganda, seem to be far happier with their government than we here in the U.S.  The Chinese aren't the ones talking about civil war, sending armed militias to invade state government houses and kidnapping their leaders -- or coups to overturn their government.

    Responsible, ethical leadership doesn't depend on the form of government.
    • The 1 million Chinese people currently interred in concentration camps simply because they  happen to be Uygur ethnic Muslims would disagree with you.
    • The 8 million people of Hong Kong who are seeing their rights removed by the Chinese Communist Party reneging on the 1997 handover deal would disagree with you.
    • The 3 million Tibetans whose country is illegally occupied by China would disagree with you.
    • The 24 million people of Taiwan who live with the constant threat of being attacked and invaded by China would also probably disagree with you about China.
    • India and Bhutan who have suffered border incursions by the Chinese military would also disagree.
    • As would most nations with territorial waters in the South China Sea who see China attempting to claim sovereignty over their UN recognised territory waters would disagree with you about Chinese good governance.

    The Chinese people don’t talk about their unhappiness with their government because all media and communications is monitored. Even the slightest dissent will see a person imprisoned in a Mao-style reeducation camp.

    You probably thought the Soviet Union was the ‘workers paradise’ it claimed to be too...

    Yeh, if you believe the propaganda from the China haters that Trump spawned.
    As for Hong Kong and Taiwan:  they are part of China not independent.   Hong Kong succumbed to foreign interference to generate insurrection and revolt.   For over a year China tolerated it -- till it started disrupting society too much -- then they quelled it.   Currently the U.S. is trying the same trick in Taiwan. But that will have the same ending there.  

    China will not let the U.S. dictate their internal policies.   That frustrates and irritates those who think the U.S. rules the world and can tell others how to live their lives and run their countries.  But it is reality.   A reality that they seem incapable of grasping.

    With millions unemployed,  riots in the streets, our infrastructure out of date and crumbling, our safety nets for sick, disabled and older people cracking, and our trillions of debt increasing by $3 Trillion a year one would think that the activists would be concerned about our own country.  But perhaps that's the goal:   "Hey!   Look over there!"
    Oh yeah, let China make a big nice stable concentration camp of our silly democratic world. Let's make slavery great again)))