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  • Mozilla praises Apple anti-tracking privacy features in iOS 14

    at least someone is praising apple and not just looking to sue apple!  I have to say this is the first. I'm really admire Mozilla for supporting customers  well being and not just about their company.  thank you for looking after us as your customer and not just making the money.  
  • After years off Apple's App Store, 'Fortnite' will reappear in the EU

    why are they even bother come back to apple? we don't even feel the lost when they left, they should stay that way. if they don't want to be on the App Store then don't come back at all. even if apple have option, I still would use App Store. why would I want to expose my sensitive information to another website or company when apple can take care everything for me.
  • Man sues Apple for iPhone 6 battery explosion caused by alleged defect

    Feel bad for Apple, everybody just like to sue Apple for every little thing. But when the same thing happened to other company they don’t get sued like Apple does for some reason. Battery explosion is hard to come bye, if that is the case, they will have to do some investigation like what lead to it.
  • Spotify, Tile, Tinder App Store complaints are solely business grievances, Apple says

    I'm really tired of bullies like Spotify and tile. come on tile got a way ahead start of apple years before airtag day and why are they start complaining now? you got a way ahead start and you still not be able to go far and now you complain about Apple AirTag. to me,, you are just being a bully when you can't compete but if you are winning then it's ok to be anti competition, right? for Spotify, why are you also complaining. it's our option who we want to sign up for.  if you are not with the way apple does then take your business elsewhere.
  • Tile CEO 'welcomes' AirTag competition from Apple's 'runaway monopoly train'

    it's not like apple the only company that came out with airtag, but why when it's come to suing someone, apple is the only one that get sue or attack by another company.  I don't get it, why people like to pick on apple?
  • Disney World visitor claims $40,000 credit card fraud occurred after losing Apple Watch

    how stupid do you have to be to loose an apple watch and still manage to have credit card used?  it's not an easy thing to loose an apple watch and can't trace where the watch is and it's not an easy thing to use the card on the apple watch. why didn't the person either trace the watch and stop the apple pay on the watch? this is so embarrassing to have the world find out how stupid thi person is. Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud