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  • Disney World visitor claims $40,000 credit card fraud occurred after losing Apple Watch

    how stupid do you have to be to loose an apple watch and still manage to have credit card used?  it's not an easy thing to loose an apple watch and can't trace where the watch is and it's not an easy thing to use the card on the apple watch. why didn't the person either trace the watch and stop the apple pay on the watch? this is so embarrassing to have the world find out how stupid thi person is. Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud 
  • Apple loses second key chip engineer, this time to Microsoft

    Feel bad for Apple, so since now Apple is a lead in this market so when there’s two people left the company, will they take the technology from Apple with them to the new company so Innoway it’s like they’re stealing from the company to another?
  • District Court judge questions expert testimony in App Store lawsuit

    I like this judge, she fair and consider all situations. for the Nobel winner economist to come out and say such thing, I wonder who pay you or what you have against apple?
  • Apple rejecting apps is unfair competition, declare rejected app developers

    what is wrong with every developers here. ok I can't say is every developers but it's only the selfish and stupid one. if you don't like apple rules then go create your own smart phone and App Store then come and compete with apple then. you are using their service but then you complain about it, if you don't like it then don't use it. talking about fairness, none of those developers are fair to their customers either. bully kids try to take over the world!
  • Apple says Epic can return to App Store only if it follows the rules

    epic is just a bully kid that doesn't know how to play by the rules, law, or signed contracts. warning anyone who do business with epic, since they don't convey by their own sign contracts, they could just overtake you at anytime if they feel like it. I don't think they got enough love while growing up from their parents. this why they turn out such a spoil brat bully kids that only want things their way. I mean they doing worse things to their customers, someone should go complain about that with their royalty points system.