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  • Tile says AirTags helped its business, still says Apple is 'unfair'

    Instead of endless whining about this and that how about joining the Find My network, Tile?

    Plus there is the 4 billion strong Android market. It’s not like iPhone market is the only addressable market for Tile.
  • Man arrested for tracking car by attaching Apple Watch to a wheel

    No need for Life360 or whatever.

    Just put a cellular Apple Watch into the glove box or something and use Find My.

    I think it’s time for regulators to ban Apple Watch and the whole Find My ecosystem.

    But keep selling guns to anyone, of course.

  • Australia set to enact bill making Facebook, Google pay for news

    ”pay for news”

    I think it would be fair to mention in the subject and at least in the article that the law makes Facebook and Google pay for *links to news*.

    The law also forces them to show these links in search results (Google) or in the timeline as people post links (Facebook).

    And Facebook has to pay even if journalists share their own work there. Probably also in the case newspapers themselves post the links.

    So: Facebook and Google are not publishing newspaper content for free anywhere, as  “make them pay for news” makes one believe. This is about links and the short snippets they might show alongside.

    Just wondering when everybody must pay if you link to someone else’s work. That’s kinda the purpose of the World Wide Web.

    (yes Facebook especially sucks, but it doesn’t make this law right)
  • Tile CEO 'welcomes' AirTag competition from Apple's 'runaway monopoly train'

    Skeptical said:
    I have to agree a bit here with the Tile dude. After a few updates, my Tile were useless for the most part. And so I switched to the AirTags. Not impressed at all. I can hold the AirTag next to the phone and it tells me the signal is weak. WTF Apple. Anyway, maybe I’m holding it wrong. Tile has nothing to worry about if this is the best that Apple cans do. Queue the fanboy flamers…
    How exactly did they become useless? Are you talking about the occasional GPS popups whether you want to keep letting Tile or whatever access your location in the background? How often do you get them?

    I agree that there should be a “yeah it’s ok FOREVER” setting. But I really doubt it was done to kill Tile. Apple has a massive advantage in being able to build the finding network into the OS itself, so there is no need to “kill” anyone with stunts like that. 
  • AirPods, Beats Fit Pro battery swaps nearly impossible, iFixit teardown finds

    applguy said:
    So just like every rechargeable Lithium Ion hearing aid on the market today. Does anyone expect rechargeable earpieces to have a user replaceable battery?

    But it seems that nobody cares about the other brands. Only Apple makes the headlines.

    It’s the same with the new Self Service Repair program. 

    Every single company is like Apple used to be: basically nobody except FairPhone sells parts to consumers or unauthorised repair shops.

    Apple is the first to announce anything like this. Yet most of the news were written in a very negative tone - without a single mention about the rest of the industry.

    It’s astonishing.

  • AirPods, Beats Fit Pro battery swaps nearly impossible, iFixit teardown finds

    I am sure AirPods can be designed with battery packs that can be popped off an replaced.

    It’s impossible if you want the same
    battery life, same size and same weight because the replacement mechanism and battery shelling would consume precious space inside the device.

    Have a look at those tear downs. These things are absolutely packed inside.

    Just make sure you recycle them appropriately and it’s all fine.

    You should also realise that one single EV car battery is equivalent to tens of thousands of AirPods with cases.

    It’s always healthy to understand the proportions of the issues we are talking about.