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  • Keychron K1 Pro review: low-profile goes pro

    Love my K3 Pro bc it has a few additional useful buttons (screenshot, del, light, page/home/end) and the programmability (a must) makes it possible to default the top row to "function" as Function keys by default (and media keys are accessed via Fn + Function Key #).

    The lack of Touch ID is by far the biggest missing item - makes it tedious to unlock the machine, unlock the passwd manager, make purchase, make setting changes, and downloading new items from the Mac App Store.
  • How to make the most of your Mac's trackpad

    In Accessibility settings are a few other very useful Trackkad settings such as the super useful three finger drag that makes it so easy to drag items with a 3 finger touch rather than having to keep the pad pressed while dragging.
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  • Despite what you may have heard, don't write off the iMac just yet

    Looks like a good machine for general use and for those imaginary kitchen island soup-making Mac users Apple puts in their videos. But it is not a "perfect upgrade for the 27 iMac" like Apple claims, and the restricted CPU, memory and storage options clearly show that this is not a professional machine in Apple's opinion. The pro laptops are still pretty thin and have CPU, RAM, and storage options that blow away the iMac with its larger chassis.
  • Humane announces its wearable communicator will be named 'Humane Ai Pin'

    Hopefully this dumb company and their dumb projectable vaporware will go down super soon and save us all having to see any more dumb PR headlines about them in our feeds.
  • Microsoft makes Outlook for Mac free

    Could it be because users don’t want a crappy cross platform web app. Next: paying users to use it.
  • iPad mini 6 review: One year later, still a great reader and streamer

    Absolutely. The best iPad for most people for most casual tasks. It's now by far my most used iPad - the larger ones sit in a drawer most of the time. It's a big enough screen for watching casual videos, the audio is loud enough and stereo, it's great for video chats, for reading books, for looking up online info, it's light enough to hold in one hand, it's great for use when sitting, standing or lying down. An absolute winner, just really really wish Apple would have put face id on it so it would be consistent in usage with all my other devices, and wish some app developers like Tweetbot would provide larger font options (some apps even at max font settings have too-small fonts on the iPad mini).
  • Sonnet Echo Dual NVMe Dock review: Port extension & storage for your desktop Mac

    Horribly ugly with a huge ugly power supply you can use to raise up your monitor an inch or two. Sign me up.