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  • Studio Display update 15.5 with webcam fix now available for beta testers

    elijahg said:
    Seems a bit weird that it apparently uses a similar camera to the iPhones but the quality is so poor. Seems like they cheaped out on it and are trying to fix it in software, probably by applying the same algorithms that the iPhones use. Has anyone done a teardown to find if its the same sensor to the iPhone 13?
    9to5mac has a great article on why the Studio Display's poor webcam quality is a hardware, not software, problem.  And by hardware problem, they don't mean the webcam is defective
    That is a great article, and it is accurate.  The ultra-wide camera in the iPhone is lousy compared to the regular 12MP camera.  Ultra-wide shots are much lower quality.  The new iPhone 13 Pro uses the ultra-wide camera for the new Macro feature, and the photos have a lot more 'noise' in them because of the ultra-wide camera.  Turning off the Macro feature actually gives you better results with up close photos that are within the focus range of the regular 12MP camera, which is pretty close.  Apple used the iPhone 11 ultra wide camera in the studio display, so you can't fix bad hardware with software.  There really was no need for center stage on a big 27" monitor in which you are sitting in a fixed position when using the camera.  Maybe Apple will get it right with the 2nd version of the Display, in 2 to 3 years, with their current track record of upgrades.
  • The new MacBook Pro: Why did Apple backtrack on everything?

    It is all about Jony Ive leaving the company and no longer being in total control of the designs.  His 'fashion over function' has been a mistake for years.  The moment he left, Apple was able to fix the MacBooks in 2019 by removing the butterfly keyboard.  Remember the round hockey-puck mouse?  Look what a mess that was.  Not everything he designed was a good idea, and people prefer functionality over fashion.  Now Apple can make computers that actually work and be reliable again.  That's why I never got rid of my 2015 MacBook Pro 15" model.
  • Tested: Mac Studio with M1 Max vs. Mac Studio with M1 Ultra

    Other articles have already posted the benchmarks for the M1 Ultra.  Like all other M1 CPUs, the single core score is in the 1700 range.  The M1 Ultra only excels with the multi-core score, over 20,000 in Geekbench 5.  So unless your work specifically takes advantage of the multi-core tasks and video work, the Mac Studio would be a waste of money.  The other difference between the base model studio and the Ultra CPU studio is the massive 2 pound heat sink required to keep the Ultra CPU cool.  Shop wisely.

    Everyone loves to claim how fast the M1 Macs are, but that is only the single core processes.  Most Intel CPUs have faster multi-core scores than the M1, by a considerable margin.  That is why Apple continued to sell the higher-end Intel Macs, also with dedicated GPUs that were faster than the M1.  The M1 Pro and Max fix the limitations of the M1, and the Ultra has amazing multi-core scores.  But if your work does not take advantage of the Pro, Max, and Ultra CPUs, you won't see any increase in performance because the single core score is the same as the M1 CPU.  I wonder what the M2 will bring to the table?
  • The cheesegrater Mac Pro is 16 year old, and still the best Mac ever made -- for now

    I got a Mac Pro 1,1 for free from someone on Facebook.  After buying two used 3.0 GHz quad-core Xeons on eBay for $50 and updating the firmware and SMC to the Mac Pro 2,1 firmware, it is now a '2008' Mac Pro with 8-cores.  Great for running older software.  That $50 CPU upgrade doubled the performance of the original Mac Pro 1,1, and that was already 3x faster than the Power Mac G5.  Those Mac Pros 1,1 to 5,1 were the best Macs.
  • Compared: Apple Studio Display vs. 2011 Thunderbolt Display

    Andrew, you wrote: "Because of Thunderbolt data limitations, it isn't possible to daisy chain two 5K studio displays." Do you know if it's possible to daisy-chain a lower-resolution third-party monitor to a USB-C port on the new Apple Studio Display?

    I have a 27-inch Dell QHD resolution monitor, which is 2560x1440 pixels. That's the same resolution as the original Thunderbolt Display and Apple's 27-inch iMacs from the 2009 to 2013 models. (The 2014 edition of the 27-inch iMac was the first Retina 5K model at 5120x2880 pixels.)

    I have an Apple Studio Display on order. I'm hoping that I'll need only connect one cable (from the Studio Display's one Thunderbolt port) to my MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) and that the one cable will provide the MacBook both with power and with connections to two monitors — the Studio Display and a 27-inch Dell monitor with USB-C and QHD resolution. In other words, the chain would be: 14-inch MacBook Pro <—> Thunderbolt cable <—> Apple Studio Display <—> USB-C cable <—> Dell U2721DE monitor, if that works.

    Thanks for any info!
    That is not possible.  Apple specifically stated that an additional display must be connected directly to the Mac.  The USB-C ports are for peripherals, storage, or networking.  Your Dell display would plug into the Mac Studio's HDMI port.
  • Apple releases macOS Big Sur 11.6.7 with bug fixes

    Big Sur 11.6.6 caused the mail attachment bug.  A permissions error appeared when trying to open an attachment in Mail and Outlook.  Caused a lot of IT calls for those that had not yet upgraded to Monterey.  So the solution is 11.6.7 or Monterey 12.4.
  • Apple's new 27-inch iMac with Apple Silicon - what to expect, and when it might be announc...

    The best iMac design is still the iMac G4 from 2002 to 2004.  That was a thing of beauty, with an LCD display that can be moved in any direction with ease.
  • Testing Apple's software fix for the Studio Display camera

    You can't fix the lower quality ultra-wide camera with software patches.  The fact that the software does a digital zoom destroys the image quality.  A desktop monitor doesn't need center stage when you are sitting directly in front of it.  Sad that Apple touted the camera features, and then used the lower quality ultra-wide camera in a $1,599 device. The 1080P camera in the 2017 iMac Pro and 2020 iMac 27" are better cameras and produce a far better image.
  • Testing Apple's software fix for the Studio Display camera

    Could Apple update the camera's hardware in a revision of the Studio Display without having to refund or fix the display for current owners?
    Apple could, but they used a faulty keyboard for 3+ years in the MacBooks before finally giving up and replacing it with a keyboard that actually works.  It took them 6 years to fix the mistake of the 2013 Mac Pro.  So don't expect miracles with this very expensive display using iPhone 11 parts.