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  • Jony Ive wanted to combine MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines

    If Ive was still at Apple, you would still have bad MacBooks with horrible butterfly keyboards.  That guy was far too obsessed with thin products.  Once he was gone, Apple was able to fix his mistakes.
  • Apple Vision Pro is already a win for Apple & consumers

    designr said:
    igorsky said:
    After the Apple Watch came out I remember seeing articles up to two years later proclaiming it a flop. Not everything is an overnight success, including the iPhone. 
    People keep making these comparisons and it's odd. Things like iPod, iPhone, iPad and Watch addressed existing markets and existing use cases in new, interesting, and vastly improved ways. The market and use cases for AVP are much less clear.
    THIS!  The iPod solved the digital music problem, and improved on the Walkman.  The iPhone solved the bad smartphone devices in 2007.  The Apple Watch kinda solved wearables, but almost all developers have abandoned the Watch, and Apple pushes it more for fitness than having a 'killer app'.  AR/VR has been a dead market for years.  Apple calling it Spatial Computing is silly, it is AR.  Vision Pro is an answer looking for a question.  No one wants to wear goggles and Apple is going to have a hard time convincing people to wear goggles to run apps.  And the $3500 in today's economy is out of reach by most consumers.  Apple only made 180K of them, so that is telling.  It is a niche product that most won't be interested in.
  • Apple Vision Pro customers face a 25-minute in-store sales pitch

    A 25 minute sales pitch.  So it is like getting suckered into a timeshare purchase.

    Yeah, Apple has a lot of convincing to do.  No one has interest in the AR space, and $3500 isn't going to convince anyone for running iPad apps in 'space'.

    The iPhone solved a problem.  This solves nothing.
  • The best Apple Vision Pro productivity apps at launch

    According to the first picture, they claim PCalc is going to make Vision Pro worth buying???  A $3500 calculator?  Really?

    There is no such thing as spatial computing.  That is Apple's marketing spin for AR.  Look up the definition of AR and that is exactly what Vision Pro is.  Apple will really have a hard time claiming their device is not AR, when it actually is AR.  "Augmented reality is an interactive experience that enhances the real world with computer-generated perceptual information."  That is exactly what Vision Pro does.  Another article had the best description for Vision Pro - It is an answer looking for a question.  The AR space is dead, always has been.  Plenty of surveys have been done and once the novelty wears off, the goggles sit in a bookshelf.  No one wants to wear goggles for hours.  No one wants to spend $3500 for a pair of goggles to run iPadOS apps, or PCalc.  No one will put on goggles to create a Word or PowerPoint document.  This is a product that doesn't solve any problems because no one has any interest in AR.  And that is Apple's marketing problem.  They won't be able to convince anyone that it is a 'needed' product.  It is not an iPhone solving a problem with bad smartphones.  For $3500, I would rather buy a Mac Studio and a Display and do so much more with it.

    The killer tech at CES was the transparent Micro LED TVs.  Those demos were incredible.
  • Ordering Apple Vision Pro gets more complex with face scan

    Yup, we've known about the required facial scanning for proper fit since June.
    I'm curious how big of a fiasco it's going to be to go into an Apple Store to demo a unit. They should do it by appointment with a required face scan before the appointment so everything is ready for you to try out. If they're just allowing everyone to come in to wait around in the store for one of the scarce demo units to be available, then having to go through a fitting and set up process along with being trained how to use it, man that will be a disaster with the time involved and so many waiting around to try it. But on the other hand, I can see people going to the store to try it out and being told, oh you have to make an appointment, the next one is in 3 weeks, and that not going over too well with customers either, so who knows.
    At $3,500, no one is really interested in this at all.  So probably won't be any lines of people waiting to try it because people would rather spend $3,500 on anything else.  This product does not solve any problems and AR/VR has never been a popular item for decades.  People don't want to wear googles to run apps or watch movies.  The battery is about 2 hours unless you are physically tied to a power source.  Apple created something that no one really has any desire for.  Maybe super rich people that have nothing better to spend money on.  No one bought iPod Hi-Fi, and that was only $349.  No one bought the $10,000 Apple Watch Gold either and Apple said you had to have an appointment to see it.  The iPhone captured the smartphone market.  This captures no market at all.  Big difference.  I love Apple and have been using Apple products since 1989, but you have to wonder why Apple even made this product when consumers are not really into that product category at all.  Very few consumers use AR for games.

    And remember, most consumers wear prescription lenses so another $150 for special lenses will a big deal breaker, especially when prescriptions typically change year after year for people that do wear glasses.