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  • US lawmakers urge Apple CEO Tim Cook to reinstate HKmap Live app

    steven n. said:
    The thing most people miss is the protesters achieved their goal of blocking the extradition law and now they risk looking like basic anarchists. This will hurt in future protests since people won’t be able to relate to your grievance; people will simply assume you’re a malcontent. 
    True. Right now, there is no end game. Where do protesters want to go with this? They got what they wanted, and weren't satisfied. Now China won't be willing to give in to anything, because it will be seen as useless. There is nowhere to go with this. Yes, Hong Kong was promised "One country, two systems" for 50 years, and China has been nibbling on that promise since the handover. But in the end, Hong Kong is China, and they can they whatever they want. There is no way for the west to intervene in this; it's their territory. And the people of Hong Kong can only ask so much. Go too far and China won't be lenient.

    And the app thing. The exact info is accessible on the web. Apple isn't really cutting people off from the info. This app discussion is just to make things political: should Apple or shouldn't Apple be a justice warrior? The thing is, Apple can do good things in many other ways. It doesn't always have to be this big "we must change this country now" thing, and "we must take a stand now". The people will eventually change China. And the west having good relations with China will over decades influence the people towards a more western attitude. If the people of China resent the west, then things will never change.

  • Trailer for Apple TV+ film 'Finch' starring Tom Hanks debuts

    Love Tom Hanks.
  • Xcode confirms Apple Watch S5 CPU is the same as S4, 10.2-inch iPad has 3GB RAM

    stol said:
    They're welcome to say what they want. We'll see what happens when we get our review unit.
    I believe they compared the 7th gen. iPad with a (best-selling?) laptop and not the previous generation iPad.
    We were told, directly, on the floor, multiple times after the presentation that the iPad was twice as fast as the previous generation.
    Yeah, but twice as fast is already unlikely. The A11 chip is only 25% faster than A10. And the A12 chip is only 15% faster than the A11. It would mean an A10 chip that blows away all other Apple chips. Even the A10X is only 10% faster than the regular A10, mainly for multicore operations. Twice as fast? Hello? Madness. Alarm bells. Doesn't compute! It would have been wise to immediately follow that up with questions. They misspoke, and you didn't immediately reply: "But that's impossible! It can't be twice as fast!"
  • Apple facing new $5.5 billion App Store antitrust lawsuit in the Netherlands

    How can they say since 2009? In 2009 Apple hardly had any mobile phone market share. This is like trying to rewrite history. Apple earned their way to have mobile phone market share while other manufacturers faltered. Yes, the manufactures that held the market like Nokia and Blackberry eventually closed shop, and this is Apple's fault? So at what point did Apple market share become large enough for it to be considered a monopoly or its behavior monopolistic? Even now, Apple still has only small (23%) market share in Europe, and at any point this may get smaller due to competition. If anything, Apple has caused prices of apps to go down. The huge success of mobile phone apps on iOS since 2009 meant pricing of apps are far lower than before (2009). In fact, consumers have become price conscious and expect to buy apps for 99 cents. Apps for 0,99-4,99 EUR have become so low, in fact, that developers have to resort to subscription model to survive. How inflated can prices be if consumers won't pay more than 0,99-4,99 EUR for an app to begin with? Meanwhile game consoles are closed systems since forever with similar markups, and we don't hear anything about that. Never have. Let's sue game console manufacturers, but also for the length of their existence! Ha! Oh, but Apple is making an insane amount of profit, you say? Ah yes, that's despicable in a free market society, we should wring out some money from them.