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  • Apple expands feature that blurs iMessage nudity to UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia...

    Apple should work on MacOS's speed, and iCould's interface mimic that of the MacOS - yet they are working on kiddy porn.
  • Wanton in-app purchases cost Alberta father thousands of dollars

    rrabu said:
    18 is old enough to both vote and buy alcohol in Alberta. Not exactly an innocent child?

    As an Edmontonian, Capital of Alberta, she can work at Shades and pay it off in a week.  I did the Tech work at Diamonds (Apple Tech), too bad someone decided to burn it down to the ground.  He climbed up to the HVAC system poured lots of petroleum, and the place is gone.
  • Apple to increase starting pay for hourly workers to $22 per hour

    Dang. That's some amazing money for retail. 
    I was making about US$8/hr in the mid 80s, directly after earning my degree in computer science. Since the dollar was worth about 3x as much then as it is now, that's the same effective salary as I was making. No degree needed anymore. Nice work if you can get it.

    What did you do with your Computer Science degree? Sell Lemonade?  Because the most Computer Science advancements were actually in the 80s, including the Operating System you are currently using.  The rest are just blocks added to the fundamental.
  • The five best features for Apple users that were announced at WWDC 2022

    How about the speed of the new Operating System.  How many lines of unnecessary code have they erased?  Those numbers would speak volumes, yet are never asked or answered.
  • Apple employees disgruntled over return to working in offices

    Do the front and back doors align? Because it is a circle, also are employees allowed to work outdoors, they can run Ethernet cables underneath the ground or get Cat 6 cords which can go for miles to be plugged in.  Perhaps it's the traffic to and from work.  My work is exactly 4.89 KM away, (8) minute drive, I have to be there since we use our hands for landscaping.  Afterwards my team travels to various sites.  Vaccination, masks, and distancing, are frowned upon, and they are immediately terminated on site by myself if they follow those rules. - No Joke. My business, My Way or the Hi-Way.
  • Compared: M2 MacBook Air vs Surface Laptop Go 2

    Honestly, once the microprocessor gets to Four (4) nano meters which is the smallest it can get by the rules of Physics, EVERY computer will be the same.  "My calculator is faster than yours" - said no one.  We are currently at Seven (7) nm.  The rest is just false marketing.  It will be the ecosystem that will change the tide, and who has a device in their pocket which Microsoft manufactures?  Apple will win, but they better be working on three dimensional microprocessors. 
  • Apple retail, HR chief pushes back against union drives at Apple Stores

    bsnjon said:
    I love Apple but this is classic double talk that doesn’t mean anything. Giving workers a say in their working environment will make Apple more slow in dealing with workers concerns? The argument makes no sense. 
    If an employer is proud of the promises they make to employees, why not put it in writing?

    You are correct on every point.  This entire union talk - in the big picture is entirely political, and has nothing to do with technology nor retail.  Woke is dead, they are desperately trying to say otherwise, the battle is lost, pass the popcorn.