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  • Compared: M2 MacBook Air vs Surface Laptop Go 2

    Honestly, once the microprocessor gets to Four (4) nano meters which is the smallest it can get by the rules of Physics, EVERY computer will be the same.  "My calculator is faster than yours" - said no one.  We are currently at Seven (7) nm.  The rest is just false marketing.  It will be the ecosystem that will change the tide, and who has a device in their pocket which Microsoft manufactures?  Apple will win, but they better be working on three dimensional microprocessors. 
  • Apple to increase starting pay for hourly workers to $22 per hour

    Dang. That's some amazing money for retail. 
    I was making about US$8/hr in the mid 80s, directly after earning my degree in computer science. Since the dollar was worth about 3x as much then as it is now, that's the same effective salary as I was making. No degree needed anymore. Nice work if you can get it.

    What did you do with your Computer Science degree? Sell Lemonade?  Because the most Computer Science advancements were actually in the 80s, including the Operating System you are currently using.  The rest are just blocks added to the fundamental.
  • Apple's homeless relocation project still hasn't found homes for everyone

    Apple has spent millions supporting people moved from a homeless encampment on its property, but with nine months of support drying up, many haven't yet found permanent housing.

    Following months of discussions in 2021, Apple evicted 56 people from a homeless encampment on 55 acres of Apple's land in September. Dozens of the displaced people were given lodgings in a motel for nine months, as well as assistance to find new homes.

    Almost nine months later and with a deadline looming for the people, many are still unable to find a permanent home. Of the group housed in the San Jose motel, only eight were successfully moved on into a permanent home, FLTimes reports that more than three times as many people have yet to be rehomed.

    "We know (the motel) worked quite efficiently for some program participants, and more time is needed for others," said Lori Smith, CMO of nonprofit HomeFirst, which runs the program funded by Apple. "Each person has their journey into homelessness, and each will have their path out - and rarely will they look the same."

    Apple said it had "been working with partners across the state to support at-risk communities and provide new affordable units."

    However, the project had obstacles in the form of a lack of appropriate affordable housing, managing the histories and medical needs of the participants, and other restrictions.

    HomeFirst intended to find placements before the end of the motel program, but as of 16 May, 25 people were still at the motel. Those who were still there at the time of the deadline would be offered emergency shelter beds instead.

    Those who did leave moved into a mix of permanent or transitional housing, including tiny homes and apartments, as well as with family members. More than a quarter of participants were connected to healthcare, or had Social Security or other benefits, with nearly all added to housing waitlists.

    Ten were made to leave the program, due to either breaking the rules or after being arrested.

    Though the program has cost Apple millions to operate so far, and helped a group of homeless people for nine months, it is still facing criticism for ending the program.

    Activist Shaunn Cartwright complained that Apple had offered stability with a motel room, but then took that stability away. Pointing out how the residents benefited in terms of their physical and mental health, Cartwright insisted Apple should extend the program.

    "If they end up on the streets, that is entirely Apple's fault. That is Apple's shame," Cartwright declared.

    The plight of two unplaced participants are highlighted in the report. In the case of 65-year-old Bertha Iglesias, her plans are to move back into a trailer, and park on a street near her mother's house.

    Richard Bebee was told by the program that he could get into permanent housing through the program, leading him to sell his truck and try and get a commercial driver's license. However, he was unable to raise the money to get the training and to take the test.

    The 50-year-old Bebee was offered a place in a tiny home, but he decided not to take the opportunity.

    HomeFirst CEO Andrea Urton underlined the critical role of Apple in funding the project, but there's only so far the program can go. Citing a shortage of permanent housing in the area, as well as how participants don't necessarily meet the criteria to be placed in housing, Urton admits "that is all we can do: provide service, support, encouragement, and allow them to make their own decisions."

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    Apple is in the business of Electronics and Software.  They are NOT Realtors or in the Business of Real Property or in the Business of Starvation.  The question you should be asking is This - Why should a company that has nothing to do with welfare, be in welfare? 
  • Apple Store opening in Wuhan teased with wallpaper release

    fairlop said:
    aestival said:
    Where can one get the wallpaper?
    Just visit the site linked in the very first line of the article and scroll down to the fairly obvious download link. Speaking Mandarin must help, but I don't and I found it fast.
    If you navigate to the site from iPhone it allows you to download an decent apple watch face  :)

    They should sell fried Bats and Cats for more traffic.
  • Apple employees disgruntled over return to working in offices

    Do the front and back doors align? Because it is a circle, also are employees allowed to work outdoors, they can run Ethernet cables underneath the ground or get Cat 6 cords which can go for miles to be plugged in.  Perhaps it's the traffic to and from work.  My work is exactly 4.89 KM away, (8) minute drive, I have to be there since we use our hands for landscaping.  Afterwards my team travels to various sites.  Vaccination, masks, and distancing, are frowned upon, and they are immediately terminated on site by myself if they follow those rules. - No Joke. My business, My Way or the Hi-Way.