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  • Apple's 'spaceship' Campus 2 to officially be known as Apple Park, 175-acre HQ to open in ...

    This is a good name for the new campus considering the building looks like a stadium.
    To get a sense of the scale of the new HQ I pulled up AT&T Park and Apple Park in Apple Maps.
    You could fit all of AT&T Park which seats approximately 42,000 people inside the new campus with plenty of room to spare!

  • US regulators ask smartphone makers to implement function-limited 'driver mode'

    More people die each year due to the FDA banning safe drugs that they could use to get better, than due to all auto accidents combined.

    These scumbags are not your friends, and they don't care how many people they murder with their regulations.
    Yes! Regulations are the problem!
    Bureaucrats want to slowly kill us with their "speed limits", traffic rules, inspections and health and safety laws.
    I'm tired of the government telling me what is safe to eat.
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  • Truck carrying secured Apple payload crashes in San Jose, killing one

    krreagan2 said:
    Auto drive can't come early enough! Especially for the long haul truckers!
    In principle I would like to see self driving cars, but in practice I won't support the idea until the computer becomes as smart about human life issues as an 18 year old. Right now I'm guessing that self driving cars have the intelligence of a 6 year old. Which is impressive.
    Siri is approximately 9 years old.
    She will be driving before her 16th birthday.
  • Apple's self-driving 'Project Titan' car technology allegedly stolen by second employee, s...

    Apple's Global Security team then searched Chen's computer, discovering manuals, diagrams, and schematics, as well as about a hundred photos shot inside Apple offices. One photo handed to the FBI depicted an assembly drawing of an Apple-designed wiring harness.
    The positive takeaway is...Apple-designed wiring harness.
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  • Compared: New Apple Silicon Mac mini versus Intel Mac Mini

    k2kw said:
    beeble42 said:
    I'd like to see actual benchmark results, especially for graphics performance, including against a mac mini with an egpu with a reasonable card in it, like a vega64 or something. Saying the integrated graphics are 6 times faster than the previous intel one is fine, but that isn't a particularly high bar when you're removing any option of more powerful gpu technology which the previous one had. The new integrated gpu is competing (from a performance perspective) against the fastest gpu you could get in an egpu box that was supported by the previous model. I doubt the new model is actually faster than that, but it may well be fast enough to beat a moderate egpu setup, and without the expense, meaning a win for Apple. Or maybe it isn't and people will wait longer to upgrade until performance catches up to what they're leaving behind. Or switch platforms.
    Without the eGPU support this feels unfinished.   More like 0.8 version.   And why can’t they have 32 or 64 GB RAM .   Step backwards.   Are they trying for it to be no so successful.
    I think they don’t want it to eat into their higher end desktop sales. By limiting the memory(for now) they are keeping it consumer oriented. 
    After the iMac and iMac Pro get Apple Silicon we will probably see more upgrades. Hopefully we will start to see much more regular upgrades now to the mini. 
  • Apple axes Wi-Fi router division, apparently signaling the end of AirPort

    The Airport line of products is still for sale on Apple's website. I don't think they will be discontinued any time soon but don't expect any major upgrades. 

    I think Apple has seen the writing on the wall and realized that consumers routers have reached their evolutionary peak. They will not evolve as they have reached a "more than good enough" stage.   They will continue to exist but be slowly be rendered obsolete by 5G. 

    Also I believe that for the vast majority of consumers a cloud based backup like Backblaze makes more sense than Time Capsule.  It would be nice to eventually see iCloud offer a full disk backup option.