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  • Compared: New Apple Silicon Mac mini versus Intel Mac Mini

    k2kw said:
    beeble42 said:
    I'd like to see actual benchmark results, especially for graphics performance, including against a mac mini with an egpu with a reasonable card in it, like a vega64 or something. Saying the integrated graphics are 6 times faster than the previous intel one is fine, but that isn't a particularly high bar when you're removing any option of more powerful gpu technology which the previous one had. The new integrated gpu is competing (from a performance perspective) against the fastest gpu you could get in an egpu box that was supported by the previous model. I doubt the new model is actually faster than that, but it may well be fast enough to beat a moderate egpu setup, and without the expense, meaning a win for Apple. Or maybe it isn't and people will wait longer to upgrade until performance catches up to what they're leaving behind. Or switch platforms.
    Without the eGPU support this feels unfinished.   More like 0.8 version.   And why can’t they have 32 or 64 GB RAM .   Step backwards.   Are they trying for it to be no so successful.
    I think they don’t want it to eat into their higher end desktop sales. By limiting the memory(for now) they are keeping it consumer oriented. 
    After the iMac and iMac Pro get Apple Silicon we will probably see more upgrades. Hopefully we will start to see much more regular upgrades now to the mini. 
  • Sony details pricing, availability of AirPlay 2, HomeKit 8K, 4K smart TVs

    dysamoria said:
    Not interested in “smart” TVs. I want a basic, multi-I/O display. Not even a tuner.
    I would go further.
    1 HDMI input
    No ON/OFF switch
    No remote
    No speakers

    You plug in the power and plug the HDMI cable in and never think about it again.
  • Bird launches iPhone-connected Bird One scooter for fleets & personal ownership

    I was considering purchasing an electric scooter to carry in the trunk of my electric car. 
    Two problems with this option. 
    First, it doesn’t appear to fold like most scooters do. 
    Second, the most popular and highest rated scooter, the Xiaomi M365 is currently going for $450.  This one has only 60% more range for 188% higher cost. 
  • Apple's self-driving 'Project Titan' car technology allegedly stolen by second employee, s...

    Apple's Global Security team then searched Chen's computer, discovering manuals, diagrams, and schematics, as well as about a hundred photos shot inside Apple offices. One photo handed to the FBI depicted an assembly drawing of an Apple-designed wiring harness.
    The positive takeaway is...Apple-designed wiring harness.
    king editor the gratelolliver
  • Apple lays off more than 200 employees from 'Project Titan' autonomous vehicle team

    I honestly hoped we'd have an Apple Car by 2020 :(
    Autonomous cars are a pie-in-the-sky aspiration. Computers today are simply too dumb to assess in real time all of the variables needed to drive autonomously in the real world. They need help from new roads designed to help them drive without crashing into a barrier to kill the driver or crashing onto a pedestrian to kill him. Better would simply be an Apple car with a BETTER interface for driving. That is much more attainable. It would be like the original iPhone versus the cells phones which predated it.
    They are not pie-in-the-sky.  They are here limited quantities.
    They don't have to be perfect, just better than humans.

    Apple didn't just make an MP3 player, they disrupted the music industry.
    Apple didn't just make an phone, they disrupted everything.
    Apple is not rushing to just make an autonomous car.
    The car is a cog in the much larger transportation industry and much of the world is designed around the idea of what a car was.
    When the car radically changes it will have far reaching effects in all of society.
    It will affect:
    car ownership
    car sharing
    car accidents
    car insurance
    car design
    gas stations
    public transportation
    airline industry
    on and on and on...

    I believe Apple is putting a lot of thought into building a robust transportation platform that will make Apple's autonomous car far more compelling and profitable.