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  • Goldman Sachs continues to bleed cash from Apple Card operations

    eightzero said:
    OK, I really don't get this. How does GS lose money on a credit card? Are they paying Apple a disproportionate amount of their rake from the cardholders? The article says "credit losses" so somehow more Apple Card holders are welching? is possible GS thinks they just aren't making the billion they planned? Not sure that's a "loss."

    Nope. They're losing plenty. Their customer acquisition cost is $350 per account. In addition, the Apple Card attracts a much more affluent demographic who pay their balances every month, depriving GS of interest charges. On top of that, there is the "buy now, pay later" program that allows customers to pay over 4 months without interest charges. That's how they're losing money. I wouldn't cry for GS, though. They made $10.9 billion in the second QUARTER of this year, even with the Apple Card losses.
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  • Repair experts weigh in on AirPods Max condensation complaints

    No one is a bigger Apple fan than me. I worked for an Apple VAR, then for Apple, Inc. My wife and I have at least two of everything Apple makes (except a Mac Pro and only one iMac), and subscribe to AppleOne. We both have AirPod Pros.

    But when it came time for over the ear headphones, we both found the AirPods Max hot and uncomfortable. Didn't like the fit and finish of the Beats, either. Then we tried the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones. And bought two of them on the spot. They're lighter, more comfortable, and never have condensation, even when I wear them during my morning LifeCycle workout. Their audio fidelity is comparable to Apple's. But then, there's the ANC (noise cancelling tech). It's the BEST, bar none. We wear them when we travel by air or rail, and I've used them in noisy restaurants (they also have good voice priority settings) and at the movies and the symphony. Did I mention they're $200 less than the Max, and sometimes can be found on sale for $250? And that they fold flat to fit in a supplied case? They also have an audio jack, with an airplane adapter. They only come in two colors, and the app is an Android port (but I almost never use it). Other than that, they're superior to AirPods Max.
  • Microsoft hammered with $29 billion back-tax bill

    Well, I guess my immutable law of government still applies:
    "If we see a pile of money, we're entitled to wet our beaks in it!"

    I hope one day that the IRS sees fit to take action against a proven tax cheat, the don of a multigenerational organized crime family. One who has claimed to have earned billions, but paid no federal taxes in 10 out of 15 years starting in 1995. And only $750 in 2016 and 2017.
  • New EU regulations mandate user-replaceable batteries in Apple products

    Apple MacBooks & MacBook Pros used to have a tool-free latch on the back to get at and replace the battery. Sure would be nice to have that on most of the current Apple devices. Sure, LiON batteries are rechargeable, but they sure do deteriorate over time. If you're determined, experienced and have pentalobe tools, you can replace the batteries in them, but you can also break other, more expensive things while doing it. And maybe get in front of future EU regulations by making the RAM and SSDs replaceable/upgradeable again!
  • Twitter loses half its ad revenue, still weighed down by debt

    ajohn said:
    Can someone explain to me how Elon Musk buys Twitter but Twitter somehow inherits the debt? I’m very confused. 

    Can I also go out and buy a business but not have to be the one paying for it? 
    Business 101: It's how every private takeover happens. Instead of paying cash, the buyer (Musk in this case) uses what is called a "leveraged" buyout. Meaning exchanging shareholder equity for cash, which the buyer borrows from a bank, or banks, or VC's or angel investors. Since the new private entity (Twitter) is still a corporation, the buyer's personal assets are indemnified from the debts of the corporation, unless he pledges some of them as collateral.
  • Apple is eliminating the social media support roles from Twitter and others

    That Elon Musk runs Twitter like captain Joseph Hazelwood ran the Exxon Valdez: aground!
  • Musk warns Twitter rebrand to X will happen soon

    I asked ChatGPT to write me a limerick about Musk's new "everything app" rhyming with crap.

    Here's what it came up with (in less than a second):
    In the world of tech, a great zap,
    Is the new "everything app" on the map
    But it glitched and went snap
    Now it's causing a mishap
    Leaving users to call it pure crap!

    No kidding, that is a direct copy and paste!

    Here's the haiku version:
    Tech's "everything app,"
    Glitches bring a sudden snap
    Crap, the users clap.

    Now for the riddle:
    I'm the tech marvel they sought to create,
    An "everything app," a wonder, first-rate,
    But glitches appeared, sealing my fate,
    Now users find me frustratingly innate,
    In disappointment, they often berate,
    Guess what am I?
    It's your turn to speculate!

  • Instagram being blamed for iPhone 15 overheating issues

    Ooh, Ooh! I know the answer, teacher! Call on me!

    Take Instagram off your iPhone. TWO problems solved:
    1. No more overheating
    2. No more brain damage from addiction to mindless cat memes!

  • Secret Service and government agencies illegally used smartphone location data

    hodar said:
    If I am accused of breaking the law, I expect that I will have my day in court.  I will have my chance to plead my case; then I will be either found innocent, or will face the consequences.

    Why any agency (Fed, State, County or City) is exempted from this very basic idea, escapes me.  Without consequences, there is zero reason they won't continue, or further encroach on our freedoms, privacy and basic rights.
    One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all (old white men with money).
  • This may be the best look yet at the iPhone 15 color assortment

    Can't imagine what's going on here. If this is accurate, those pastels are nasty! The black is OK, but all the others look like 1950's bathroom tiles. If Apple is targeting the consumer market, why don't they make brighter colors? If they're targeting the business market, then why not use the same color scheme as the Pro phones?