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  • New AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C vs AirPods Pro 2 - compared

    mike1 said:
    mayfly said:
    I bought the Airpods Pro 2 for two things:
    1. Active Noise Cancellation
    2. Conversation Boost.

    The ANC is a total bust. There is virtually no noise cancellation apparent, no matter how it's optimized. Drugstore earplugs @25¢ each work better. Conversation Boost doesn't work at all against ambient noise, either.

    Huh?! Something is wrong then. ANC is amazing.

    Not when you have the Sonys for comparison.
    AirPods: 1
    wh1000-xm4: 10 (of course, it's over-the-ear, there is that)
  • Microsoft hammered with $29 billion back-tax bill

    Well, I guess my immutable law of government still applies:
    "If we see a pile of money, we're entitled to wet our beaks in it!"

    I hope one day that the IRS sees fit to take action against a proven tax cheat, the don of a multigenerational organized crime family. One who has claimed to have earned billions, but paid no federal taxes in 10 out of 15 years starting in 1995. And only $750 in 2016 and 2017.
  • Heavy Apple Vision Pro leads Apple to lighten future headsets

    I thought of a way to solve this weight problem, if not the vertigo problem. Since there's already a detached battery pack, why not offload the memory, CPU, graphics processor, and the rest of the electronics, to the battery pack in the pocket? Replace the glass with scratch resistant polycarbonate plastic for a huge weight reduction, and instead of lens inserts, figure out how to digitally compensate for individual eyesight metrics. Not to mention, why does the headpiece need to be made of metal? There are many plastics that are thinner, lighter, stronger, more flexible and cheaper than aluminum. Those changes would also allow Apple to move the headset closer to the face, instead of hanging out 2" in front, making it even more comfortable for longer use.
  • Heavy Apple Vision Pro leads Apple to lighten future headsets

    If Vision Pro is indeed around 450g, that isn’t too far off from AirPods Max at 385g.  I’m sure they are experimenting with different materials — possibly titanium or carbon fiber.
    385g on top of your head is one thing. 450g hanging off your face is another. But using titanium (about the same weight as aluminum) or carbon fiber (lighter indeed) would add $$$ to an already crazy expensive toy. There should be at least 2-3 different choices: cheap, light plastic for 90% market penetration, 5% aluminum for the Apple fanatics, and 5% carbon fiber for the carbon fiber fanatics (road cyclists mostly).

    Price points: $1,499, $3,499, and $3,999, respectively. Titanium is much more expensive, and has no practical weight benefit, and it's even worse from a price standpoint. If they were to make it from AL3 2.5V titanium, probably have to charge $4,499. If they used 6AL 4V titanium, at least $4,999. That's one reason the iPhone Pros cost more than the iPhones, even with minuscule use of it.
  • Secret Service and government agencies illegally used smartphone location data

    hodar said:
    If I am accused of breaking the law, I expect that I will have my day in court.  I will have my chance to plead my case; then I will be either found innocent, or will face the consequences.

    Why any agency (Fed, State, County or City) is exempted from this very basic idea, escapes me.  Without consequences, there is zero reason they won't continue, or further encroach on our freedoms, privacy and basic rights.
    One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all (old white men with money).