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  • Analysts pile on Apple following revenue guidance miss

    Given that:

    (1) Only Chinese sales are missing the forecast, not the rest of the world,
    (2) iPhone pricing is similar around the world
    (3) Apple explicitly is aiming at making its iPhones last longer
    (4) The Chinese economy is slowing rapidly
    (5) Trade-related hostilities are boiling between the U.S. and China

    I conclude that ...
    ... this is not an iPhone pricing issue nor an iPhone lifecycle issue.  It IS a China issue, both their economy and the incipient trade war.  
  • Trump calls tech CEOs to June meetings, orders overhaul of US government IT

    More of the obligatory negative references to our President. Nothing but surmise, and totally uncalled for. And nothing like continually dredging up old news to try to prop up the propaganda mill. Good job, AI.

    This is a new initiative, and obviously NOTHING has been determined yet as to what will be implemented or what any company's specific involvement will be.

    But cheap politics certainly don't have to be a factor in any contracts written.

    I'd say both Trump and Cook are pragmatists, so this is Cook's chance to sell his products/services/computing philosophies, etc. to the federal government, whose money is just as good as anyone's. And what about IBM's likely involvement as an important Apple enterprise partner. This could be a choice opportunity for Apple.

    Major contracts would also mean jobs creation—right here in River City (USA)!

    You liberals need to get off the pity pot and get with the program, if not fully on the Trump Train, because America WILL be great again with our without your help.
    What are you even talking about? We didn't say anything about the program other than it exists. The author didn't criticize the president at all, not with even one word.

    Also, speaking as somebody from inside the beltway, this will generate exactly zero new jobs -- and I have no problem with that. Federal IT sourcing and contracting is brutally inefficient, and if any efficiency can be eked out that's good, but will literally cost hundreds if not thousands of contractors their jobs.
    I'm with you.  I re-read the AI article and I can't tell what LoneStar88 is so touchy about.  You didn't same anything negative about the president, but you STILL hit a nerve and seemed to anger him.  Kind of peculiar!

  • Apple refuses to back GOP convention because of Trump politics

    apple ][ said:

    I love Apple's products, and I'm one of the biggest fans around, and me using anything else is pretty much inconceivable, but if Apple keeps towing the line of political partisanship and extremism, then I would definitely have to reconsider my options in the future.

    Opposing Donald Trump is not being extremist.  Trump is the only thoroughly indecent, unqualified person to be nominated for the presidency in our lifetimes.  I think it's safe to assume the Board of Directors supported Tim Cook in this decision.
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  • Tim Cook to host fundraiser for House Speaker Paul Ryan, other Republicans

    but [Obama's] FBI declared these warnings to be Islamaphobia. 
    What's your source or evidence that the FBI declared these warnings to be Islamaphobia?  I haven't heard that and I've been paying attention.
  • Apple's competition is going to have a tough year in 2016

    These long, poorly written articles full of bitterness, that praise Apple to the heavens, while jousting against imaginary critics are tiresome, unfair, and uninteresting once you realize how biased they are.  Please stop. Someone knock that chip off Daniel's shoulder so he can write properly.  
    Why do you read them and then comment?  They're easy to avoid.  Do something with your time that you enjoy.  
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  • Groundbreaking 'atomic memory' could cram unimaginable amounts of data into your iPhone

    It’ll never come to production.
    Are you sure about that?  Never is a long, long time.
  • Tim Cook explains why Apple was present at Trump tech summit

    frac said:
    And Steve Jobs attended Obamas meeting with all the tech companies. No explanation necessary. 
    Steve Jobs was a life long Democrat who gladly helped the Obama election campaign. He was also a long time friend of the Clintons. I lost a lot of respect for Tim Cook this week; but probably more now with his deplorable writing skills.
    I'll let TC do the rebuttal. 
    "I've never found being on the sideline a successful place to be. The way that you influence these issues is to be in the arena. So whether it's in this country, or the European Union, or in China or South America, we engage. And we engage when we agree and we engage when we disagree. I think it's very important to do that because you don't change things by just yelling. You change things by showing everyone why your way is the best. In many ways, it's a debate of ideas."
    Deplorable to think otherwise. 
    I agree with frac, Tim rebuts very well before the comment was even written.  And "deplorable writing skills"?  Hmm.  I think Cook's prose is fine ... clear, direct and easy to understand.
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  • Wall Street reacts to Apple's strong Services and Wearables growth [u]

    blastdoor said:
    It is a huge deal that Apple is showing an ability to grow revenue from something other than the iPhone. 

    In the short term, though, the stock seems a bit pricey. Since 2007, I've had the impression that when the P/E goes above 17, AAPL is likely due for a correction. Currently, the P/E is almost 21. 

    On the other hand... one reason Wall Street might have been skeptical about AAPL in the past was a concern that they were too dependent on one product. Perhaps if Apple can show revenue+profit growth across multiple products, Wall Street might tolerate a higher P/E. 

    Still, I suspect that between now and the middle of next year AAPL will experience a noticeable downturn. I'm just not sure when. 
    Of course in terms of the recent history of Apple’s P/E,  you’re correct that 21 is high, so you may be correct in your bearish assessment.  But it’d be great if you could contextualize your concern about 21 and explain why it’s high when we realize Microsoft and Google are at 27, Facebook is 31, and Amazon is 78.  If 21 is high for Apple, aren’t these other values even higher for the competition?  Why is this?
  • Apple extends share buybacks by $90B, raises dividends by 5%

    JWSC said:
    I’m waiting for the ‘innumerati’ to chime in on how share buybacks are like throwing money in the fireplace. 😆
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe buy backs or dividends ever happened when Jobs was in charge.  He said he wanted to “keep his powder dry”.  Was Jobs innumerate?
  • Apple denied Parler re-entry to the App Store despite guideline revision

    n2macs said:
    crowley said:
    Good, but heaven knows why it was allowed in the first place. Absolute cesspool. 
    Parler is no different than facebook or twitter.
    Parler is different because the reason for their existence is right wing hate.