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  • VW chief 'not afraid' of 'Apple Car' entering the market

    oberpongo said:
    These statements from VW CEO are very similar to what the CEOs of Nokia, Blackberry and Microsoft said about the iPhone when it was unveiled in 2007. time will tell if VW will be as forgotten as Nokia and Blackberry. 
    It almost seems like he must be aware of the history of similar comments and is just trolling us to watch the reaction.
  • South Korea ends Apple, Google control of app store payments

    I wouldn’t say that the alternate payment system issue is simple and unimportant. But the crucial issue here has be alluded to a few times: Does this legislation require Apple, Google, et al to design their OS so that their devices will run unsigned code? Currently all the apps available in the app stores only run on your device because it has been cryptographically signed using the secret key that only the platform owner has.

    One commenter certainly presented a quote that implies this while another said the former was incorrect about the content of the legislation. If true this would be armageddon for the app ecosystem. Even with platform owners wielding their authority to reject or later disable undetected malicious code/behavior the system is not perfect. But remove that mechanism and you invite chaos. There are just too many bad actors out there to just “depend on the kindness of strangers”
  • 'Apple Glass' details leaked, will cost $499 and work with prescriptions

    sabos said:
    Did Apple learn nothing from the Google “glass-hole” debacle? The issue with these isn’t technical, it’s social. The backlash against people wearing cameras on their faces in public spaces was a genuine phenomenon ...
    Did you read the article? It claimed the product would have a lidar sensor but not a camera.
  • Proposed antitrust bills would ban Apple from preinstalling its own iOS apps

    sflocal said:
    So if I build my own phone and my own os, and sell it as a single product, I would be barred from loading my own apps on it?

    F**k you politicians.  

    I see no scenario where Apple would ever let this happen.  If passed, it will be forever tied up in the courts.  The iPhone has plenty of competition.  There is zero point to this.
    This is no different than Microsoft in the end of ''90. Start using brain. It was bad that time and it is bad now. You people are so blind that you blame Microsoft and then 20 years later it is okay for another large corporation to try and monopolize market. Are you born fairly recently with last year brainwash problem or you did not put enough study to know prior cases like this one and ruling on them?
    This case is most definitely different from the Microsoft case from the 90’s. The unquestionable difference has been described above but you might have a reading comprehension problem. Microsoft licensed its OS to many different computer hardware companies (essentially all except Apple). When they saw a threat to their dominance from the emergence of the internet and specifically the Netscape browser, Microsoft used its monopoly power for supply of the MS Windows OS licenses to force their licensees to surpress Netscape and guarantee that Internet Explorer would be the default browser. It did lead to the demise of Netscape as planned. Since I am an old fart, I watched it as it happened and don’t fall for your flawed whataboutism.
  • Apple was 'close' to introducing 14-inch iPad model in 2023

    The reality is that the 12.9 inch iPad Pro is excessively heavy and unwieldy.  Many people bought it because of its outstanding screen, but regret the move due to limited portability.  Raising the size to 14 inches would be suicide for a product.   
    Incorrect. I have the 12.9” pro. Often times I wish it had a 15” screen. I hate moving and zooming artboards ad naseam around just to work in detail on a deadline. 

    If you don’t need the pro, get the air or the base model. Let the pros have useful features. 
    I guess you didn’t realize I’m speaking from experience as well.   I also have the 12.9 inch pro and as far as I am concerned, it is very heavy and cumbersome.  And I’ve seen many people online say the same thing, so I’m not alone.

     Funny I don’t see people in this thread clamoring for a 14 inch iPad either, so I think it’s safe to say you’re in the minority.  At 1.5 lbs, it’s the 12.9 inch iPad is the heaviest one they’ve ever made by at least a half pound.

    You miss the point of the iPad Pro.  It’s supposed to be portable AND useful. While it is useful, the size and weight put off many people, and that includes pros.
    I suppose I could clamor yet again for a larger iPad. There are many musicians who already use the 12.9 iPadPro to store, edit, and display huge libraries of sheet music. For me the current main constraints are a not quite sufficient screen size and battery charge limitations. A more readable screen size might push adoption to a significantly higher level. Certainly a “niche” market but so was desktop publishing when it surprised many by how it saved the Mac from oblivion.
  • Apple threatens to kill iMessage & FaceTime in UK if controversial law passes

    scatz said:
    chelgrian said:
    darkvader said:
    I'm assuming they'd still work if you use a VPN to appear out of the country to Apple servers.

    I expect Signal would still just work, I can't imagine they'd go to any actual effort to break it, they'd just not "officially" support UK users.
    They would be removed from the UK version of the App Store and as they are mostly indexed by telephone number they would disable any account that used a UK phone number.

    While you may be able to do some workarounds the loss of critical mass and the fact you'd only be able to communicate with existing international users makes it not worth it.

    Sadly I expect the current government in the UK thinks that Apple/Meta and Signal are bluffing, they aren't they are deadly serious and the UK is a small enough market they can that walk away from it.
    The UK is largest market in EMEA by quite a margin.
    I was under the impression that France was a larger market for Apple. Are you certain that UK is larger? In any case Apple management has already shown their staunch support for user privacy by default.
  • Citing concerns in China, activist investor Carl Icahn no longer owns shares of Apple

    A couple things that are revealing with Carl's investments.

    1. Upside with Apple isn't there. He sold all his stock. He is also a billionaire who wrote books on how to make money, not loose it.
    OK, I was going to let it go after the first two times (in an earlier posting) but not again. The word is LOSE, not loose. They are two completely different words and the one you mean to use is spelt with just one O, unless you really meant that he intended to set that money loose, rather than to simply lose it. My apology in advance for the rant, many if not most people make this mistake so it seems inherently unfair to single out anyone. Now I will go back to my location under the bridge.
  • Apple reportedly increases iPhone SE chip orders amid greater-than-expected demand

    bdkennedy said:
    I was able to snag one at my Apple Store last night. It is not a low end iPhone. As a matter of fact, it makes the iPhone 6 look low end.

    This is a classic design Apple shouldn't abandon and the sales numbers prove it.
    Yes, the description in the article of the iPhone SE as "low end" is nonsense. It is lower priced (not low price) but you still get current generation tech and compatibility. There is room for improvement in the screen and camera (from what I have read) and having purchased the 64GB model I would have preferred to buy 128GB if it were available. I waited out two years of larger phones and was about to cave when the rumors turned favorable. I am glad I waited.