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  • Intel announces technology team restructuring amid 7nm woes

    Restructuring by dividing the entities is the first step in evaluating the sale of single entities. Always has been and always will be. It makes it easier to "outsource" manufacturing and keeping IP and design in house.
  • Editorial: The new Mac Pro is overkill for nearly everybody, and it hit Apple's own target...

    10 years ago, it made sense to buy a Mac Pro for use with software like Adobe Photoshop. These days, that's not really a high-end software use anymore. Photoshop can easily be handled by a standard iMac. I think people who complain about what the 2019 version of the Mac Pro represents don't really understand just how much more powerful hardware is today vs. 10 years ago. The 'Pro' end for desktop is MUCH more specialized than it used to be. Only the heaviest of heavy lifting through software requires 'Pro' models anymore.
    Completely agree. A further example: architects used to need the Pro version in order to run CAD software decently. Nowadays a properly configured iMac can run CAD and BIM software without any issues for some years. My father, who started the office 40 years ago and has been "Mac" since the beginning, told me the Mac Pro price is absolutely (adjusted for inflation even more so) in line with what a Macintosh with a good screen used to cost. At the time one would have to put the price of a machine against a physical person designing. And the benefit in terms of costs would be much more visibile.
    I always laugh at people who want "a more affordable option". The Mac Pro isn't about status (I own one because I think I am a real Pro but cannot afford it). It is for people that, through calculation, see that the speed and performance the system delivers allows them to work better and faster and, ultimately, recoup the investment.

    Buying one for our office would be completely overkill. And our wallet is happy about that. We cruise along with our correctly configured 27" retina display iMacs and no one is complaining. :-)
  • Editorial: Apple's waiting game on foldable iPhones is no surprise

    I have seen the pictures under the artificial lights and the screen isn't really "flat" when unfolded. I bet this is one of the reasons Apple has not released anything foldable for the moment. That and their "monolithic" design ethos (hinges and folding mechanisms don't appeal to the design team at Apple). I think it is a matter of time before something comes out and maybe it will be in an AppleWatch at first. Apple will eventually do a foldable display when it feels it can do it properly and without the current offering's evident shortcomings.
  • Which upgrades are worth it for the Mac Studio

    Let me bring an example. Architecture.
    for the most basic CAD design we used to need the most powerful workstation available. A single 3D basic render would crush any system (which we let run over the whole weekend for a 1 minute video of a frankly nowadays embarrassing result). Then the machines got a lot faster, but then came BIM. BIM developed fast, but the machines faster. Suddenly, with a specced out iMac we could do most of what we needed without going “full pro”. Then the software developed further and faster, now suddenly the iMac was struggling. Apple Silicon changed all that. With a mid-line system on a chip (M1Pro) we had a powerful enough machine for most tasks. What I mean is that, besides the most demanding workloads, many creative professionals will find their sweet spot for years to come in these new machines. Because they are well ahead of the times now, and by the time they are struggling, the investment will have been well worth (5 years in my case in architecture).

    Of course we plan and design in BIM but are not “specialized” in high def rendering. So, a software rendering without specialized additional software covers our needs.
  • Everything new in iOS 14 beta 7: App Library & wallpapers

    igorsky said:
    jdb8167 said:
    Is there a shortcut to get to the App Library? If I have 5 pages of apps it doesn’t seem very convenient. 
    Spotlight search is the best app shortcut there is.

    - settings -> accessibility -> touch -> "back touch" (sorry but my iPhone is not in english). From there you can choose double tap or triple tap actions. One of the available options is "application library". Might help. Although, maybe, Apple could add the "App Library" to that setting....
  • NTSB lays partial blame on Apple for fatal Tesla crash involving employee

    Why is the recklessness, and illegal conduct of the individual a responsibility of the employer?
  • Developer interest in Mac is waning, study suggests

    Maybe Apple itself could lead the way by showing more integration. I, for one, run quite often and would like a simple way to view my activities, Health info and the like on the bigger screen of a Mac.

    Also, the change in processor, with only 1 model of new CPU available makes it a bad time to develop for Mac. I suspect, once the transition is complete, there will be more interest in developing for the Mac. Of course, the apps one needs on a Mac are less and more specific to the platform than the ones available for iOS devices. More often than not, the Apps for iOS are some sort of version of the website. Think banking. On iOS you have apps for most major banks, whereas on the Mac you simply go on the bank's website (correctly or not, from a security point of view, that's what happens).

    So yes, I think it is normal in a transition period and, moreover, Mac Apps are much more specialistic, most of the time.
  • Five Galaxy S22 Ultra features which should be on the iPhone

    Seriously what is wrong with the tech press and FaceID? It is a great system, work flawlessly and is very secure. I can have notifications without details. As soon as I put the phone in front of me, at a glance, I can see the whole notification without needing to unlock my phone. Simply by picking it up. Do you purchase something with Apple Pay? No need to do anything special. It just activates. Logins? The same. Of all the things listed maybe the notch is the only one. 
  • Everything we know about the 'iPhone 14 Pro' so far

    Fred257 said:
    I’ve switched from iPhone 12 mini to Google pixel and I couldn’t be happier. Battery life is amazing. Voice dictation is perfect and faster then ever. Tasks are incredibly fast. Always on display is amazing. Weather in Lock Screen is perfect and I strongly needed it. Touch ID during the pandemic is a complete necessity for me and much faster then Face ID. I’m afraid that I’m now a convert to android. I’ve been an apple phone fan since the 3g. Apple is using an old compartmentalized notion that you need each separate thing for a complete Apple experience. It’s an old outdated model that needs to be reconstructed. I’m not going to buy an Apple Watch to unlock my iPhone with a mask. I’m not going to have my iPad side by side with my computer. Apple is falling behind with everything accept the Mac and Apokecwatch. The iPhone and iPad are total crap these days. I updated from first version of SE to the 12 mini. What a depressing upgrade. Goodbye Apple iPhone. Your years ahead thinking and sollidifying of your products a year or two out needs to be redone. Apples compartmentalization is destroying Apples products strength. The new MacBook pros are fantastic and I have one. Cheers
    The new iOS release will support FaceID with mask on, no need for an Apple Watch.
    the fact that Apple’s products work well together increases the benefits. Should you choose to use them, but there’s no “need” for it. Unlocking my M1 Pro with my AppleWatch is instantaneous as soon as I open the lid, no Touch ID needed. Is it “necessary”? No. Is it convenient? Yes, very much so. Apple’s products have a value per se and then an added value when working together. Even Google understands that, so much so that they declared they also want to increase interoperability among their lineup.
    Always on screen could be interesting admittedly. But swiping from left to right reveals all of your widgets, including weather, pretty fast as is. The fact that Apple is filling the lock screen with notifications and no other information is a pertinent criticism. But we’ll talk in a year or two when your Pixel won’t receive any OS updates, security or otherwise.
    Nice for you that you found the Pixel better. Believe me, I shoot video often (2 daughters). There’s no better device than the iPhone for doing it. The quality of video is simply
    stunning. And has been for a long time. So much so that I am rocking an iPhone 11Pro with no intention of replacing it until the 14 shows up. Which will make it a solid 4 years of use.
  • Tim Cook responds to $14.5B EU tax bill with open letter, says decision will be reversed

    Time to move here in Switzerland. Lower taxes, no EU problems. Yes, life and salaries are expensive. But not 14 Billions expensive.