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  • Apple design head Jony Ive made chancellor of London's Royal College of Art

    His first order of business? Make the campus thinner.
  • Apple Pay support coming to Chick-fil-A restaurants this Friday

    The food is tasty, the customer service is excellent, and the company is a great corporate citizen. I go out of my way to eat there if I'm ever in an area that has one.
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  • Microsoft debuts Surface Studio all-in-one PC, refreshes high-end Surface Book

    As an Apple-only user since before there even was a Macintosh, the Surface Studio makes me angry. Angry because this is exactly the product that Apple should have made at least 6 years ago. Angry because it's inexcusable that Apple's products have fallen so far behind that even goddamn Microsoft looks innovative next to them. Angry because I really hate Windows but increasingly he hardware that does what I need to pay my bills is running it.

    Seriously Apple, get your shit together.
  • NYT reporter uses megaphone to decry 'slow death' of 5-year-old iPad mini running iOS 9, a...

    jbdragon said:
    bsenka said:
    My first-gen iPad mini still works great, and runs as fast as it did when new. The secret is to never update the OS. As long as it's running on the operating system it shipped with, it will continue to run as fast as it was when new.
    Except it's getting none of the many security updates, bug fixes, and newer features.

    Small price to pay to have a device that actually works as designed, instead of being crippled by "updates".  I have newer iOS devices running the newest OS, there's nothing that my iPad is missing that is worth caring about.
  • 'Stranger Things' poster created using Apple's iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

    Soon the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil will evolve to a level where artists do not have to export to a desktop and use a Wacom device.

    Better yet, just make a model of Macbook that has this functionality built-in, and then you could do everything on one device. A stylus turns a Mac into a very powerful art creation device, but you really should not have to buy a separate device to do this, and you should have have to own and carry around so many devices.
  • Apple's iOS 10 now running on more devices than iOS 9

    spheric said:

    That's not the point. This is about people who want to keep older versions running on devices that support newer software.

    That's me for the most part. I like to stay at least one (or more) versions behind current on both my iPhone and my Macs. Apple has an increasing habit of taking features away that I like, so once i have a system running the way I want it, I'm very hesitant to trust Apple when a new version comes out. It's been quite a while since I've done an upgrade where I did not feel that it was a negative experience, so I want to stick with what I like.
  • Apple briefly allows, pulls jailbreak app on iOS App Store

    apple ][ said:
    lkrupp said:
    Meh, let ‘em jaibreak. With the Trident malware package apparently out there since iOS 7 they deserve what they get.
    Have you ever noticed when reading reviews for apps, a lot of the complaints are from neanderthals running old versions of iOS on their devices (because of a jailbreak no doubt)?

    Funny, most of those apps work well for me, but then again, I have the latest OS version. I think that the last time I updated was a couple of days ago.

    Just update your OS, you dummies.
    No. I've never jailbroken, and it's the updating that is the thing that usually causes the problems. Phone worked perfectly well until I blindly trusted Apple and just installed their update when prompted. Then, with few exceptions, something I really liked no longer works properly. The only way to be safe and make sure that an Apple device really works properly is to try to stay one or two versions behind current.