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  • Fourth-gen Apple TVs spontaneously awaken, power on their HDTVs, users complain

    appex said:
    A Mac mini (even old one) is much better than Apple TV for multimedia center.
    Disagree, totally. Mac Mini's, especially old ones can't handle processing video very well. The GPU's are underwhelming and the way a user interfaces with the mac mini is cludgy at best. Especially for a family with children or non techie so's.
  • Apple discourages Supreme Court from hearing Samsung patent petition, calls case 'legally unexcepti

    rs9 said:
    Everyone knows in the industry that Samsung shamelessly copied the Iphone. However Apple based it suit that it affected Apples bottom line.  For the last 13 years Apple has been in an upswing; the most recent quarter we learned Apple made a little less that $18 billion in profit.  Apples contention that it hurt its bottom line, doesn't hold water.   What Apple needs to do is completely break ties with Samsung if its even possible.
    Thats not the criteria for hurting a bottom line. Just because they were profitable doesn't mean they received all the profit they could have, had samsung not done business the way they did.
  • Apple predicted to abandon Amazon Web Services for own data centers, analyst says

    josu said:
    steviet02 said:
    From the same guys that couldn't get iCloud services right for at least 2 years. I hope Eddie Cue isn't running this show.
    Launched by Steve Jobs himself making jokes about Mobile Me. IT works fine for me anyway. I don't understand all that complains about it.
    It was a failure from launch.  Look up it's history, Steve Jobs balled them out in front of the whole company and that was leaked to the press.  Then they were slow to innovate, react, implement features from there.  Including for developers to use once they opened it up for developers to use to sync information with their apps.
  • Apple predicted to abandon Amazon Web Services for own data centers, analyst says

    mjtomlin said:
    I'm always amused with these fantasies about how Apple is going to/should screw it's competition. One minute content blockers and spotlight are going to put a hurt on Google and ooh Apple should do its own search engine cuz that would really screw Google. Or Apple needs to make ARM Macs cuz that would really screw Intel. Now it's bring all their cloud stuff in house so they can screw Amazon. Thankfully I think Apple's decision making is focused on providing the best experience for consumers not how can we screw our competitors.

    I agree. Apple doesn't do stuff to "screw the competition" they do it because as both Tim and Steve said, they want to be able to control the experience. If you're going to take the heat for any mishaps they might as well be your own. I think it is inevitable that they'll move off AWS and onto their own. They did the same with Akamai not too long ago after building out their own CDN. 
    I'm curious, what mishaps happened because of AWS?
  • Apple's 'Project Titan' chief to reportedly leave company, car team under pressure

    thrang said:
    steviet02 said:
    They haven't developed or innovated anything since his death.  If you want to say the watch, the sales on the watch are underwhelming for sure.  

    This is the first year that iPhone growth has petered out and while forecasts aren't that great my suspicion is that people are seeing less and less reasons to upgrade.  So they now need to come up with the next product.  The watch isn't it. While no one is irreplacable the question is, is Tim Cook the guy? 
    You don't know a thing about Watch sales.

    We have four in our family, use it everyday, and it is an extremely impressive piece of technology.
    It must be a huge seller then. 
  • Munster: 4" iPhone doesn't make sense for rumored Apple event in March

    msantti said:
    Aple needs to knock something out of the park this year.

    New 4" iPhone, and iPad Air 3, and watch bands ain't it.
    Oh really? Says who? Also March isn't the rest of the year. 
    If I read it right, he said it.  And he didn't say March was the end of the year.  Why do you feel like he has to answer to you on matters like this?
  • Lawfirm considers suit over iPhone's Touch ID-connected 'Error 53'

    sflocal said:

    tundraboy said:
    Without a doubt Apple totally mishandled this by pulling the stunt out of the blue and should pay the piper for it.  
    Nonsense... most people will have their iPhones repaired by Apple.  That's a no-brainer. 

    I never even thought about the issues of repairing the TouchID system.  It's nice that Apple put a lot of thought into the security system and to me, it makes total sense that replacing TouchID by some stranger should brick the phone.  Honestly, I think its a great idea.  They did it to keep us - the consumers - safe, and not some conspiracy ploy.

    Honestly, why is this even an issue?  Makes perfect sense to me why it works the way it does, and if it is explained properly to any customer affected, I'm sure they would be completely understanding by it.  Take it to an authorized repair facility and be done with it.  If there is not one near you, too effin bad!
    Nonsense! Replacing the Touch-ID with HW that is appropriate should just clear all the secure information in the ID chip and erase all Apple Pay information, not render the phone useless. The user then has to start over entering fingerprints and CC information, assuming they know the iCloud account that was tied to the phone. Why is that such a big deal for Apple to deal with?