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  • Apple discourages Supreme Court from hearing Samsung patent petition, calls case 'legally unexcepti

    rs9 said:
    Everyone knows in the industry that Samsung shamelessly copied the Iphone. However Apple based it suit that it affected Apples bottom line.  For the last 13 years Apple has been in an upswing; the most recent quarter we learned Apple made a little less that $18 billion in profit.  Apples contention that it hurt its bottom line, doesn't hold water.   What Apple needs to do is completely break ties with Samsung if its even possible.
    Thats not the criteria for hurting a bottom line. Just because they were profitable doesn't mean they received all the profit they could have, had samsung not done business the way they did.
  • Apple predicted to abandon Amazon Web Services for own data centers, analyst says

    josu said:
    steviet02 said:
    From the same guys that couldn't get iCloud services right for at least 2 years. I hope Eddie Cue isn't running this show.
    Launched by Steve Jobs himself making jokes about Mobile Me. IT works fine for me anyway. I don't understand all that complains about it.
    It was a failure from launch.  Look up it's history, Steve Jobs balled them out in front of the whole company and that was leaked to the press.  Then they were slow to innovate, react, implement features from there.  Including for developers to use once they opened it up for developers to use to sync information with their apps.
  • Apple guides first-ever iPhone sales decline in Q2

    I think there are four things driving iPhone:
    1. Longer replacement cycles as smartphones have become good enough and improvements are now largely incremental.
    2. Higher prices due to FX impacting demand
    3. Apple perhaps overestimating the % of the install base that wanted larger screen iPhone
    4. Intangible; some people just don't like the 6 series for whatever reason
    I'd like to see Apple release a flagship 4" phone and then see what percent of
    The 4" iPhone is going to be a replacement for the C. Flagship implies the 'leading product' and that it will not be. It's going to be iPhone 6 guts in a smaller form factor. Your 1st point I think is the main point, they aren't really introducing new stuff for the everyday person to really WANT to have the new phone. Theres certainly new stuff in the latest models but there's not a real compelling addition to get it. For the common consumer. They will regress here and make up the difference in Asia, maybe. I'm surprised they turned their attention to the iPad Pro to be honest, I just don't see how that was a good use of time for the revenue it's going to bring in.
  • Rumor claims next-gen Apple Watch going into mass production in Q2

    mj web said:
    Here's hoping it works without an iPhone, retains longer battery life, and isn't as chunky looking.
    I doubt they will do that. They want these devices very much dependent on the iPhone. Plus, the electronics vs battery aren't there for them to do that even if they wanted to. The chunkiness needs to go away, looks like a mini iPod on the wrist of most people. Personally, I like the round watches better so I hope they figure out a way to make a round watch.
  • Daimler CEO says Apple, other Silicon Valley firms 'can do more' than anticipated in cars

    rob53 said:
    I can see the work being done for self-driving cars as helping both simple and complex navigation and assisted driving (like self parking and automated braking) features but I just don't see self-driving vehicles being allowed or even working on most streets and freeways for many decades. I grew up with the Jetsons and their futuristic modes of transportation. I liked how self-driving vehicles were portrayed in iRobot but this movie also showed that humans need to continue to be responsible for their actions. I just can't see the vast majority of people giving up their ability to drive their own car, putting their life in the hands of a computer controlled car, especially after the fiasco in the Patriots and Broncos game yesterday. No, I'm not blaming Microsoft (haha) but I'm sure these self-driving cars will end up being in constant contact with some kind of distributed/centralized "driving" computer that ends up monitoring and coordinating all the vehicles on the road. This is the part that worries me the most.
    I totally agree with you. People that think there are going to be fleets of autonomous vehicles driving around without people in them are not really looking at all the logistics that need to be behind something like that. One of many is who is responsible if something goes wrong and someone is injured or worse. I don't see them getting a thumbs up from the government for some of the reasons you mentioned.