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  • Exhaustive acoustical analysis demonstrates HomePod is '100 percent an audiophile-grade sp...

    Last paragraph is confusing. I think first sentence should read “Unless you’re *not...” I know it’s a quote so forgive me if I’m wrong. 
    AppleInsider left out part of the quote. The original reddit post said “Speaking of inputs, you have one choice: AirPlay. which means, unless you’re steeped in the apple ecosystem, it’s really hard to recommend this thing.”

    They’re saying the speaker sounds great, but it’s hard to recommend unless you plan on using AirPlay from another Apple device or Apple Music directly on it. 
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  • Apple Heart Study ramps up with new solicitations to Apple Watch owners

    Buh, is Series 0 incompatible only because processor can't keep up? Or does it monitor heart differently from later models?
    It’s the heart rate monitor that got updated and is required for this. The newer ones have the ability to occasionally take beat to beat measurements (time between consecutive beats), so they can give you heart rate variability. 
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  • Ex-Workflow employee publishes library of 150 Siri Shortcuts

    lolliver said:
    I have set up a few shortcuts that are really helpful but there are still some things Siri can do that I haven’t been able to incorporate into shortcuts. 

    Siri is able to open apps on my TV however I can’t get her to do that as part of a shortcut except for the TV app. 

    I have a shortcut that turns on my TV, dims the lights and launches the remote app on my phone. I wish I could also get the shortcut to open Netflix or the NHL app on the TV. I can ask Siri to do that in a second command. 

    The shortcuts app really should have a simple way to include any of Siri’s exisiting functionality. 
    The new Shortcuts app in iOS 13 actually does let you open apps on AppleTV. Watch this guy’s video. He explains how much better it’s gotten. You can basically do anything in any app. 
  • Apple's GarageBand, iMovie, Keynote, Numbers, Pages now free for all iOS & macOS users

    lmac said:
    I have an 8 core 2.8 Ghz Xeon processor Mac Pro with 32 GB RAM, but Apple says I can't run 10.12, so I can't run any of the current versions of iWork apps.
    Do a search for Sierra Patch Tool. There are a lot of Mac models that are not officially still supported, but are capable of running the latest versions with a patch.
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  • Apple's next-gen 'A13' iPhone and iPad chipset will remain 7nm

    hodar said:
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    wood1208 said:
    More interested in Apple design built GPU. 7nm to 5nm depends on TSMC or anyone's ability to build 5nm chip fabrication facility and produce chips at sufficient yield.
    I’m not confident about 5nm, much less anything smaller. We’re actually seeing transistor efficiency go down since 14nm. It’s been small so far, but the smaller we go, the worse it will get. And certain on chip structures are becoming impossible to make because there’s not enough room at these small sizes. While I think TSMC has claimed that thy will be using a modified FinFet for 5nm, a lot of chip designers have said that FinFet doesn’t work properly at smaller than 7nm, and not as well there as in 10nm.

    so I’m skeptical right now. I’ll believe it when I see it, as they say.
    Having worked in the semiconductor industry over 15 years ago; A LOT has changed.  But, one of the major problems that always got worse with each die shrink, was the Lithography steps.  I can't imagine how you can mask your layers, with only 5nm geometries.  After awhile, physics simply stops you.
    They're already making and selling the high-NA EUV machines for this. It's basically crazy good optics, shooting better lasers in a vacuum sealed enclosure, and other neat science tricks.
    There's BEUV (Beyond Extreme UV) that would come next. But yeah physics makes it challenging.
  • Intel pushes USB-C as 3.5mm jack replacement, touts better sound, thinness & power management

    melgross said:

    eightzero said:
    I call bullshit on "better sound." It's digital. 1s and 0s going down that wire.
    Well, you can make the case either way, depending on your proclivities. Both have advantages. The big advantage to digital is that the signal doesn't deteriorate while moving between steps, or going down the wire. Really, the best case is that the signal remains in digital form until the last amplification step. The closer that last step is to the transducer, the better.

    so, digital to an on headphone amp is the best we can hope for in the present.
    And to expand on this, an analog signal going down 3 feet of headphone wire will only have a negligible effect on the sound. You probably won't notice. The noticeable change is the DAC. Right now it's converted to analog inside the iPhone and you have to do the best you can with that signal. If you plug in really high-end headphones to the analog headphone jack on the iPhone, it won't sound optimal. If the output is digital, then the headphones or device you plug in will be in charge of taking those 1's and 0's and converting them to what you end up hearing. So you could potentially have phenomenally better sound than currently possible.
  • BMW puts the brakes on CarPlay subscription fee in UK

    I know German car companies charge for each and every option, and no one buys the base model. The only thing that comes free is the air inside the cabin. But seriously, CarPlay is not even their own software they make. I never understood how they charged any fee at all to enable it, and then they changed it to become a subscription! I used to drool after BMWs, but no longer. Now I'm just sad to see them dragging their feet in modernizing their cars. This goes along with their EV options. The i3 was ok for its time, but then we've just been seeing a press release every few months for something coming up. 
  • In software development 'cultural shift', Apple won't hold features for major annual point...

    Updates to add to features to iOS first party apps shouldn’t be tied to major releases. They should be treating these apps individually with teams dedicated to it where they can add features, release fix for issues, at anytime when ready and not tie the release to iOS itself.
    I think they're not separate apps in this way because they rely on the underlying OS code, so the apps update when the OS does. If they were separate, they'd have to maintain backward compatibility and testing with some number of previous OS versions.
  • Apple adds Radeon 5600M 16-inch MacBook Pro & Mac Pro SSD upgrade kits [u]

    Configurator was recently updated to support restoring firmware on the new Mac Pro. I believe because of the T2 chip or some other boot protections, swapping in this new SSD requires Configurator to finish setup. 
  • Apple expands Maps capabilities with new Flyover, Nearby and Traffic location data

    Rayz2016 said:
    tokyojimu said:
    Has anyone ever found a real use for Flyover?

    Yup. I write thrillers and it's damn useful for double-checking locations. 

    I also checked the time once by flying over Big Ben, but I suspect their are easier ways to do it. 
    Checked the time on Big Ben..? you realize the Flyover images are not live realtime images, right?