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  • Apple adds Radeon 5600M 16-inch MacBook Pro & Mac Pro SSD upgrade kits [u]

    Configurator was recently updated to support restoring firmware on the new Mac Pro. I believe because of the T2 chip or some other boot protections, swapping in this new SSD requires Configurator to finish setup. 
  • Apple outage caused issues with App Store purchases, subscription access [u]

    This has been affecting me all morning. Really glitchy iPhone issues. Music won't play, can't sign out of iTunes, error saying iMessage can't sync because it's not a matching account, problems signing in. Then I went to the AppleID website and there was an error saying my payment method was unavailable. Chatted with support and they fixed that thing, but a few minutes later the issues came back. Now I see it's not just me, so I'll wait it out.
  • BMW puts the brakes on CarPlay subscription fee in UK

    I know German car companies charge for each and every option, and no one buys the base model. The only thing that comes free is the air inside the cabin. But seriously, CarPlay is not even their own software they make. I never understood how they charged any fee at all to enable it, and then they changed it to become a subscription! I used to drool after BMWs, but no longer. Now I'm just sad to see them dragging their feet in modernizing their cars. This goes along with their EV options. The i3 was ok for its time, but then we've just been seeing a press release every few months for something coming up. 
  • If you updated your HomePod to 13.2, do not reset it or remove it from the Home app

    I guess I should've waited, but I couldn't wait to try out the update since it came out like 6 weeks after the iPhone update. I have two HomePods. The one I've had for a while updated fine. The one I bought last week appeared to update, but was not connecting to the Home app or responding right, so that's when I followed the Apple Support page's instructions: remove from Home app, unplug and reset etc. yep.. stuck on endless swirly white reboots. I called and they told me to bring it into the Apple Store for replacement.
  • Ex-Workflow employee publishes library of 150 Siri Shortcuts

    lolliver said:
    I have set up a few shortcuts that are really helpful but there are still some things Siri can do that I haven’t been able to incorporate into shortcuts. 

    Siri is able to open apps on my TV however I can’t get her to do that as part of a shortcut except for the TV app. 

    I have a shortcut that turns on my TV, dims the lights and launches the remote app on my phone. I wish I could also get the shortcut to open Netflix or the NHL app on the TV. I can ask Siri to do that in a second command. 

    The shortcuts app really should have a simple way to include any of Siri’s exisiting functionality. 
    The new Shortcuts app in iOS 13 actually does let you open apps on AppleTV. Watch this guy’s video. He explains how much better it’s gotten. You can basically do anything in any app.