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  • The Apple Pro Display XDR brings 6K to the Mac for $4999

    netrox said:
    But there is a display offering for that for $39K.... and yet we have a bunch of people whining about the $5K Apple display that exceeds the specs of $39K display?!?! Amateurs. 
    The people complaining about the price don't know what a Reference monitor is. They're used by very few companies that for example transfer a movie to Blu-Ray and have to make sure colors are exact. Reference monitors are usually liquid cooled because of the high NITS they can produce. Some can generate up to 4000 or 10,000 nits for short bursts. I don't know of any Reference monitors that sell for $4000. Apple probably only expects to sell a few thousand of them. This is not a display for consumers or even developers.
  • Alexa tells 10-year-old girl to touch live electrical socket with penny

    It is physically impossible to insert a plug in a socket and touch the life metal parts, not even with a penny. Plug and socket are constructed that way.  Both have to follow strict standards. If both are constructed as imposed by those standards, nothing could happen to the girl. 
    That’s not to say Alexa should have such a challenge.  That’s not acceptable behaviour for a smart speaker. But the little girl was never in danger. Not even when she had done what Alex instructed her to do. 
    You can absolutely do this in the US. Our plugs are a terrible design.
  • Apple's iPad Pro to gain Face ID with TrueDepth camera in 2018 - report

    Face ID only allows one face to be registered where Touch ID allows many. that is, my wife and kids. The iPad is a device commonly used by many members of the house hold. But now all users except me must know the password to use it. How is this a step forward?
  • Complete 2018 MacBook Pro teardown shows off six-cell battery, bigger speakers

    wood1208 said:
    Everyone talks this and that about new 2018 MBP but if there is not enough complains, push back for Apple not offering Function Keys MBP than Apple will assume no one cares and Apple will kill it. One that happens than it's too late to make your voice heard. .
    There weren't too many complaints apparently, the MBP's with function keeps only sold to 1 or 48 MBP buyers. That told Apple everything they need about function keys. 
    Rayz2016watto_cobracurtis hannah
  • Apple offers $199.99 Pro Apps Bundle for Education, including Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X...

    Unfortunately, I just rebought logic 3 days ago. But this deal makes sense. Often the programs taught in schools are the ones people become most comfortable using. Carrying on to their professional careers and selling more macs
    Contact the MacApp store, I bet you can get a refund and then repurchase.
  • Apple unveils all new 13-inch MacBook Air with Retina display, Thunderbolt 3 and more

    sflocal said:
    MtotheH said:
    This was the announcement I was hoping for, but the price point is not. I had hoped $899 or $999 for the 128Gb. I can't just drop a grand+ when my 2013 model is humming just fine for my needs. Bummer.
    You can always sell your 2013 model to offset the cost of the new one.  It's what I do.  At least Apple laptops have a decent resale value compared to Windows machines.
    I've done the same thing for 12 computers starting with the Apple ][ plus. Unlike PC's they hold their value.
  • Apple's legendary Clarus the dogcow returns in macOS Ventura

    He doesn't look a day older:)
  • Apple's new 'pro' Thunderbolt 4 and six-foot USB-C cables are bad, and you shouldn't buy t...

    FYI to everyone, don't buy a Thunderbolt cable that doesn't have a lighting bolt followed by 3 or 4 or in the future a 5. If they don't then you know they haven't be certified and are fake crap. Thunderbolt is an open standard from Intel and it's free i.e. no licensing. There's no reason for a Thunderbolt cable not to be certified unless the company is trying to sell inferior cables. 
  • Apple's new 'pro' Thunderbolt 4 and six-foot USB-C cables are bad, and you shouldn't buy t...

    aderutter said:
    Ridiculous heading and silly article.

    If you need a 3 metre TB4 cable what you gonna buy? Is there an alternative when you need 3 metres? 

    My Apple TB4 Pro 3 metre cable is really, really nice and does everthing I want with a price I’m happy with. It’s far nicer than my 2m Caldigit TB4 cable for example. I’ll stick to buying the best even if it costs more. 

    This isn't a three meter cable, it's a one-meter cable for $70.

    We're on record about the three-meter cable being good.
    Yes, and this from Apples website. There are alternatives to Apples cables and they all will work up to 3 feet and usually will work at 6 feet, but at 10 feet you want the best as that's when cables start to work or don't work. Do not skimp on money when you're buying 10 foot cables!

    Thunderbolt 4 (USB‑C) Pro Cable (3 m)