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  • Tim Cook email response tells sender to 'stay tuned' for Mac refresh

    Am just happy i dont read the comments on macrumors. What a lost site and lost audience... all soaked up in negativity. Sad. 
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  • Possible Apple 'iPhone 7' video shows functional camera

    I find it ridiculous how people comment so negatively on the removal of the 3,5 mm.

    I think Apple has put all its efforts this year on sound and music by the dual speakers but more significantly by the new connection for headphones. It is all, I believe, with the intention to increase sound quality. Maybe some kind of internals upgrade as well to achieve all this? I bet sound can be greatly improved from current standards, and once people experience the difference, nobody will want anything else.

    The second thing they've done is to give the phone better water resistance. This, too, is gonna be a great sales argument for a lot of people.

    Failure you say, success I bet.
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  • Apple releases macOS 10.13 High Sierra with APFS, Metal 2, new Safari, Photos improvements...

    I just updated and it says my SSD is now APFS. Regardless of this, it asks me if I want encryption with FileVault. But I thought FileVault was now built-into APFS? Isn't the volume already encrypted?
  • Apple announces thinner MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Touch ID, USB-C ports starting at $1799

    I dont mind the USB-C thing, or the magsafe lacking. But only two ports for the 13" and no chance of 2 TB storage is a deal breaker.

    Plus, it is way too prices outside of the US – around 30-50% plus on the US prices. Topping up ram to what should be standard 16 GB, and storage to 1 TB, makes it a minimum 3000 USD buy in Europe. Crazy.
  • Apple SSD in Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro fixed to motherboard, not removable

    spheric said:
    Soli said:
    Why isn't the T1 chip modular? What if that breaks? What if the GPU breaks?

    Apple should make EVERY chip on the logic board socketable so that I can easily replace it all myself¡ Anything smaller than 3" is too thin for notebooks¡
    Strawman argument.  It has already been said multiple times that no one is expecting a Lego set with infinitely replaceable pieces.  But SSDs/hard drives and RAM are standard upgrades that even relative amateurs can undertake or have a slightly more tech savvy friend do for them.  
    No. They USED TO be "standard upgrades". Same as power supplies, displays, Floppy drives, Fans, and generic motherboards. That was never true to the same extent for laptops as for desktops, and the world has changed over the past few decades.

    I notice that you're no longer whining over non-upgradeable displays on laptops. Why? Don't you miss the days where a techie with more time than sense could stick a 1024x768 display in his toilet-seat iBook?

    Yes, people used to do this. But at some point, the benefits of newer technology outweighed the benefits of having modular, replaceable design. 

    You won't find socketable LPDDR3 laptop RAM because it simply does not exist. Welcome to 2015. 
    Second best post this year. Thanks again. :-)