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  • Comey: 'Of course' FBI would leverage precedent in San Bernardino case

    Issa, who made a fortune in automotive security, pressed the FBI chief on detailed technical matters that Comey was continually unable to answer.

    "How can you come before this committee..if you can't answer the questions?" Issa asked pointedly.
    That is brutal. Issa showing no mercy.

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  • Apple drops Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Vimeo integration in iOS 11

    People cheering the removal of an entirely optional feature because they don't like it is...Baffling.

    This is pretty irritating for people who use this functionality, for little discernible benefit.
  • Rumor: Apple to begin 'iPhone 8' production earlier than usual with more stringent inspect...

    Pretty sceptical about that "iris scanner" rumour. Seems like it would be really hard to do that in a way that even approaches the practicality of TouchID.
  • Apple counters Australian banks' call for iPhone NFC access, cites handset security

    cropr said:
    sennen said:
    Apple, whatever fingers it may want to have in the pie, is still providing the most secure solution for it's customers. I'll take that over whatever service Australia's banks want to push onto me.
    My bank is offering financial service since 1945, Apple started 2 years ago
    The financial services of my bank are audited yearly by an independent organization, Apple isn't
    I take me 15 minutes to get an appointment with a bank representative, I cannot get an appointment with someone from Apple
    All the data of my bank is stored in a national data center,  Apple stores its data in a foreign data center,  If have a dispute with Apple, I have no chance to access my data and to prove I am right
    My bank supports heavily open standards,  Apple has a closed iOS ecosystem
    My bank is expensive.  Apple is expensive

    And you want me to believe that Apple is a more trustworthy partner than my bank. You must be kidding
    Yeesh, the bank really saw you coming.
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  • Apple to begin removing abandoned and problematic apps from App Store next week

    Good move. I'd also like to see them enforce a requirement for Apps to be optimised for iPhone 6 & Plus sized displays. My carrier's Wi-Fi calling and messaging App is still running in stretched iPhone 5 format two years after the iPhone 6 came out. That is all the way crazy.
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  • Steve Jobs criticized Tim Cook for not being a 'product person'

    Isaacson is spinning for all he's worth here. Jobs was also known to be fond of Scott Forstall and he and Ive's relative antipathy towards one another was also widely reported. This notion that Jony Ive is somehow this singular reincarnation of Jobs whose departure will leave Apple rudderless is as ridiculous as the "sky is falling" predictions when Jobs himself passed.

    He also appears to fundamentally misunderstand why Jobs left Cook in charge at all. He specifically didn't want to build an Apple that required a Steve Jobs to function, his goal was to build an Apple that could happily persist long after he was gone. The whole point was not needing a product guy to run the place. He instilled in the company and its staff the culture & approaches necessary to make "product stuff" intrinsic specifically because he knew it would need to be run by operations guys like Cook eventually.

    It's also hilarious that he seems to think his knowledge of Jony stepping back is some incredible insight. This was widely known years ago. One of the reasons Ive moved to the invented CDO role was so that his day-to-day responsibilities could be delegated. "Oh Ive hasn't denied it so you know it's true" - ah yes, the famously quick to comment Jony Ive. Who's so well known for constantly talking to journalists. Right.
  • Apple HomeKit added to Ikea Tradfri smart bulb line with firmware update

    Hmm, the marketing materials I’d seen for Trådfri hadn’t made it clear they needed a wired-only hub for smart device control just like Hue. Kinda makes the idea of switching pointless for me. I’ll keep waiting for Sylvania’s bulbs, which apparently will work entirely independently, instead.
  • Taylor Swift turns to promoting Apple Music's curated playlists in new video ad

    Taylor's a good choice for a funny ad, she's super goofy so it's pretty easy to buy her doing something dorky like this - and apparently it's based on something that actually happened. And yeah, I have no trouble believing that.

    Cool to see the Apple/Taylor Swift partnership appears to be here to stay. I'm a huge fan of Taylor so I'd be very happy to see more exclusives from her like the 1989 World Tour Movie appear on Apple Music.
  • Fourth-gen Apple TVs spontaneously awaken, power on their HDTVs, users complain

    Rayz2016 said:
    Can I ask a question? Is it now normal for folk to leave their TV sets in standby?

    My AppleTV hasn't ever done this. Only times it comes on unexpectedly is when I've leant on the Siri Remote or something.