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  • Samsung says Apple's Supreme Court position could encourage abuse of patent system

    I hope the Supreme Court will issue a message to Asian companies that wholesale copying will not stand. It may be part of some Asian cultures to think that such copying is merely using 'best standards' but that is not our culture. They need to reflect on this. I suspect Samsung really does know it is stealing and hopes to continue until they are stopped. Samsung has copied design from more than just Apple. Ask Dyson how they feel. What is the point of doing R&D if you cannot get even a brief advantage in the marketplace?
  • Court overturns Apple's $120M patent win against Samsung

    We are all beginning to wonder how far law enforcement can reach in this privacy debate. It's honestly starting to look like they may even have some reach on the stock exchanges also. How is it possible to do that? Apple needs to spend more lobbying congress like the rest of tech does and they need some voice over on the stock exchanges as well. That is not what a straightforward company like them wants to ever do, but it is necessary now. Look at Amazon and Google, they both have people at the top who are well connected with Wall Street. Seriously, it's astonishing how the price of this stock moves, or lately--hardly moves at all. It's like there is a big ol clamp on AAPL. To the others here, what's your paranoid theory on AAPL?
  • Apple's June quarter predicted to be 'neutral event' for stock price, 'good enough' for investors

    The company continues to haul in unprecedented profits, yet Tim cannot cheerlead enough to get the stock back up over $100.
    Nobody can change the way AAPL is traded except the big boys. The stock is hog tied.  
    Perhaps when these large options traders get tired of single dollar movements they will move over to another name to trade.

    i think it is less about "respect" and more about trading this stock because it IS a reliable money maker that always earns close to or better than its official forecasts. It is used widely as a backstop to all the other trading they do. All the big traders have to do is gin up another headline out of stale news, to aim the price where they want it for their options. There are so many doing it now that the stock won't move much. I wonder who is top dog and controls the most?

    Wondering why the stock price is so low despite earnings is pointless. I'm hoping another name will supplant it, but am resigned to selling as little as possible until the car project gets going. Or I could just give up and try something else.
  • First look: Hands-on with Apple's iPhone X

    Rayz2016 said:
    bitmod said:

    - Why would you need to unlock the phone to put it to your ear? Accepting a call never requires authentication. 

    - What loss of privacy are you talking about? Specifically? Lost to whom?
    To make a call... you need to unlock the phone. To glance at info/notifications... from what I saw on the keynote, FR is somewhat cumbersome. If you need that level of security, then I guess you need it.

    As far as privacy - don't be naive. Government and law enforcement have access to all data gathered. We learned this from Snowden - all the while Apple selling the same lie that it's protected - having to later admit it does store and hand over this info. Then we learned it again that the 'can never be decrypted' was decrypted in a day by some 'third party' to help crack that terrorist's cell phone. 

    I don't think people want to give their biometric facial information to a company notorious for lying about its 'anonymous' and 'secure' data collection that is neither. 
    I've only spoken to 3 people about it today - but none of them are warm to the idea.
    Doesn't mean it won't sell like hotcakes - but I doubt the majority will use the FR. I don't know anyone who uses the touch security on their phones. They are either passcode or none - for the same privacy reasons - and that's gotta be well over 20 people. 

    Time will tell thou. Facebook had a lot of blowback over their FR. 
    If Apple Pay gets more traction - maybe it will take off. But it hasn't exactly taken off has it. 
    Wow. Three people. There's a datapoint worth considering…

    When you make assertions, it often helps to provide evidence. Otherwise you're just spewing your paranoia all over the net.

    See how easy that was?

    And again:


    And Apple has always been a transparent about what they are obliged to hand over by law. Or are you suggesting that Apple should break the law?

    Incidentally, the terrorist's phone was not decrypted. That would involve getting access to an encryption key. The phone was cracked due to a bug in ios9 running on a 5c. The crack wouldn't have worked on a later model phone and/or a later OS, which is why Apple didn't sue the FBI to find out how they did it (which would have been within their rights).

    As for Apple Pay getting traction, that depends on where you are. It's all over the Uk because we've had NFC terminals for years. We can use the phone/watch in every major shop and on both buses and trains. There underground will let you through the barrier with a tap of your phone, but you need to make sure that you have enough juice left to get out at the other end. 


    Love how you've given yourself a user name to make it look as though you know what you're talking about. 

    Thank you for saving me the trouble of calling this out. So many people follow things at the most superficial level and think they are informed.
    Either you follow something closely or you don't really know what you're talking about.  So typical these days.
  • Apple's market cap soars past $800 billion as shares march higher on 'iPhone 8' hype

    melgross said:
    This isn't just because of rumors of the iPhone 8. In fact, I believe that most of the share price on iPhone rumors is already built into the price, and has been in the mid 140s.

    what I'm reading is a deeper reading of Apple's sheet. Several things pop up.

    apple's enterprise business is growing strongly at a 40% rate. A number of large businesses are standardizing on Apple iPhones and iPads. Macs in the enterprise are growing strongly. The deal with IBM is paying off in software and services.

    the services business itself is growing strongly, at an 18% clip.

    sales of "other" is growing at a 31% clip. Within that, Apple Watch sales have doubled YoY.

    its been pointed out that iPhone sales were actually slightly higher than last year's quarter, not lower, when considering the drawdown in the channel, which was 1.2 million last quarter, compared to 450 thousand last year's quarter.

    sales in China have been moving back up, as Cook pointed out during the call, it's up from the last two quarter;s of last year. Mac sales in China did very well. 80% of all phones sold in China above $600 are iPhones. The Chinese want the newest products, so a cycle is expected when that happens later this year, and next year for all products.

    in addition Apple is still trading at a discount, average P/E in the industry is 22, Apple's is about 18. Moving to the average would bring Apple's stock to about $183. Adding the $30.40 in cash per share, after debt, would bring the stock to about $213.

    there's more.

    so there's plenty room for improvement.
    AAPL hasn't jumped this much in a long time, I'm just guessing that Buffet's comments started a bonfire which exploded based on early stock momentum today.

    Incidentally, intraday high (so far) is $153.70. Spectacular.
    I have been wondering when someone at Buffet's firm would realize the value locked up in AAPL.  
    Think about it. By merely buying the stock and making a comment, Buffet can create, in effect, his own climate.
    AAPL was just sitting there, waiting for him or another large investor to try this. 

    Icahn didn't count because his reputation is terrible and he is NOT a buy and hold.

    thank you Warren!

    hey I seem to have the same capitalization bug here
  • Apple working on self-driving car 'peloton' system to share power, increase efficiency

    One more reason I like Apple as a company. They are doing the basic research that society needs for the future.
  • AAPL drops in wake of broader tech selloff, claims of throttled 'iPhone 8'

    It's just s sector selloff. A panic. It has nothing to do with any alleged technical issues with the upcoming iPhone.
    That still doesn't explain why Apple with a modest P/E of 17 is selling off faster than Amazon with a P/E of 140 or Microsoft with a P/E of 30. Why of all the tech stocks is Apple so volatile? It must have something to do with Apple's weak leadership and investor's lack of confidence in the company. There are no real facts causing Apple to drop. Those are merely unconfirmed rumors about low iPhone sales or no gigabit LTE modem. It's really so stupid that investors are dumping Apple. Those cowards are probably loading up on Alphabet, Tesla, Microsoft and Alphabet. Why can't Tim Cook instill any confidence like those other CEOs manage to do? Who really needs gigabit download speeds when the device only has 64GB of storage? It would get filled up in under an hour.
    I wish people would quit saying it's Apple's fault. It's kind of obvious to me that AAPL is a lever or counterweight to the market. To drag Amazon and Google down a couple percent Apple "must" fall four percent.  This is hedge fund activity. Apple can take it apparently.

    i think the market makers were looking for an Apple story to bring down the tech enthusiasm and this story is as good as any.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook to appear on CNBC's 'Mad Money' Monday night

    The Street has the rest of this week to batter the stock down some more. Incredibly, there are people who expect it to go down to 56-75$. If the stock were at those levels the market is basically saying that Apple is worth only the cash it has in the bank, the enterprise itself is a big fat ZERO.  Really. How does this happen?

    where is the SEC? Oh, that's right, busy. Can somebody tell me if the stock market can put a value out that is LESS than the cash minus loans Apple has?           Is that possible?        Something is rotten in Denmark.

    I've been thinking that the company is so profitable that it is being smacked down "for its own good" or something...possibly some macroeconomic thing in the market that means AAPL must be kept down. Also it gets sold to shore up fund losses on speculation, knowing the company will likely keep right on trucking. Still, why the price is hammered so low I don't get.
     A lot of it is the click bait industry (it ain't journalism). It's obvious there is real hatred here.
    Maybe it's Steve Jobs fault for being so snide to analysts. But geez that was a long time ago.
    Actually, I think a lot of analysts and finance types don't get Apple because so much financial stuff is geared towards Windows, it's a different culture.

     I keep hoping some firms would have motive to let the stock price rise a good bit higher, but it seems it is always suckered into yet another pump/dump scenario. These pump/dump events are happening more frequently, now we are up to what, 3 times a year? I am talking about times when after hitting a high the stock then drops 25-40%. Or are we now into a new roller coaster of every 2 months?

    And you know what Tim Cook? I'm starting to like Apple just a little bit less myself after this baloney.

  • Apple releases iTunes 12.4 with redesigned interface, fixes bugs in OS X 10.11.5

    Hey, if Apple has updated all this major software now, what does that leave for the Developers Conference (WWDC) in June?? Just wondering