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  • Apple working on self-driving car 'peloton' system to share power, increase efficiency

    One more reason I like Apple as a company. They are doing the basic research that society needs for the future.
  • Warner Music Group sells Spotify stake worth over $500 million

    I think the Alex Jones imbroglio has affected Spotify. They gave him a platform and then were late shutting it down.  I saw lots of subscribers complaining on twitter about this. Thousands who said they were canceling. 
  • Apple nabs Google's chief of AI and search John Giannandrea to broaden Siri, self-driving ...

    Thank you 8 pound 6 ounce baby jesus! Can't wait till siri gets better. Siri is still just so so terrible. Also can't wait to stop hearing the pathetic excuse that the only reason siri sucks is because of privacy. This is fantastic news. Thank you Tim.
    Siri don’t suck because of privacy.

    The reason I heard was it’s because it works based on Natural Language processing. The competition uses basic speech recognition and a lookup function.
    hopefully this new hire can appreciate the harder work that went into making Siri and can find a way to set her free!

    but I do wonder why Siri can’t also have similar lookup functions (and better speech recognition!).  Don’t know enough about the subject to understand why it can or cannot.

  • HomePod doesn't have manual EQ options, will auto-adjust based on analytics says Apple's E...

    skinzy said:
    jdgaz said:
    " ....have given the HomePod good grades for audio quality, but sharply criticized Siri as weak next to the AI assistants in...." Honestly when I want a speaker the first thing I gauge is sound quality. So, in my book Apple focused on the most important thing a speaker can do, that his deliver sound. Siri will come along and be just fine. And it will lily not invade my privacy or deliver purchases to my door that I didn't really want.
    This is correct!  I’m an audiophile and can’t wait to get mine on Friday.  Don’t know if mass market feels the same way?  For a lot of folks music is just background noise.  For me it’s life’s blood.
    Just another 48 hours and I'll have mine.  Can't wait.

    One of the features that hasn't been touted much is the HomePod's ability to "normalize" sound volume originating from an Apple TV.  I'm sick and tired of having to adjust volume when switching between stations/programming.  On Netflix (via Apple TV) I am constantly adjusting volume between 35 and 85.  Its a pain in the ass.
    One of the features audio purists love is wide dynamic range. I *HATE* it! Neither my taste nor domestic situation are well suited to huge variations in loudness. It ruins my enjoyment when the dialog is twenty decibels below the bumper music while impacts are loud enough to wake the neighbours. The feature on the Apple TV that limits loudness was a buying incentive for me.

    Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work very well. I can't hear much (if any) difference when it's switched on compared to when it's off, using the same material to compare. Either it's like my receiver in that the feature only works with source material encoded in a particular Dolby format, or it's just not very aggressive. Either way, that dampens my enthusiasm for that feature on the HomePod. Maybe it'll work well, I'm just not holding my breath hoping it will.

    Speaking of Apple's efforts to control volume fluctuations, I've noticed that the "Sound Check" feature on my iPhone 6 Plus doesn't seem to affect output via Bluetooth. It seemed to work pretty well back when I used the wired earbuds that came with the phone, but now I'm using Solo wireless cans and there are big jumps in level from song to song. Same when streaming to the Pill+. Does anyone know if that's expected behaviour?

    Agree that wide dynamic range is annoying especially when you don’t wish to disturb others. That is why most TVs, home theatre amplifiers, etc. have a setting in their “audio” menu called “Night Mode” or similar. Try it, it works.
  • WSJ jumps on iPhone X production cut story, adds new fictions

    Stock is doing what it does because traders have established AAPL as a particular kind of trade that lends itself to these rollercoaster rides for hedge funds’ benefit.
    In recent years it seems like it was worse, but this is still >5% drop in a week, on top of prior week’s decline, when the other big tech names are holding close to their year highs.

    Just asking, but when has AAPL ever failed to meet guidance? Pretty easy ride there for the hedgers.

    hey it could be worse. I really think having Warren Buffet holding a large position helps.