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  • Premium-priced iPhone X, iPhone 8 propel Apple to $88.3B in revenue in its best quarter ev...

    Side note, at least we don't have to worry about any claims that Tim sexually harasses women and having the stock tank as a result.
  • Apple's 77.3 million iPhone, $88.3 billion quarter by the numbers

    I find it funny that Samsung once again tried to copy Apple - this time by anticipating their high price for the iPhone X using rumors, then pricing their Galaxy Note 8 at $930MSRP.

    I doubt they actually sold many Note 8s at full MSRP...they are going for FAR less on eBay...meanwhile iPhone X is still holding value...Samsung doesn't have the brand strength or loyalty that Apple does...

    I'm a bit bitter to Samsung. Although they make good products, they are shameless when it comes to copying. While I am OK with that, they then DENY COPYING. Remember when Samsung released the gold color Galaxy S4 suspiciously soon after Apple was selling millions of gold iPhone 5s? Samsung had the nerve go out of their way to deny copying...with examples. WHAT A COINCIDENCE! /s
  • The new Mac mini is a great machine, but a $499 model could serve a larger audience

    I wonder if they could just offer the previous base model at the previous $499? It would be a low cost option for people, while giving a large reason to upgrade due to the $499 option being older generation, dual core, and having all the inferiority of a 3+ year old model...

    Perhaps Apple's trying to keep the entry price to the walled garden a certain amount to maximize profit, or their 'premium' image, at the very least? Having a cheap model alone could perhaps hurt that high end computer maker feeling?

    A comparison I would make is that I personally would prefer a sports car that the base price is $30000 and not available for less, over a sports car that has a $20000 entry price, then a souped up version comparable to the first car for $30000. On the outside, it still looks the same, has comparable specs, but I feel like I'm getting a car that is a tier up because its not available at all for $20000...just my own psychology. I'm sure there is some value to be had in keeping the price up. Apple are not stupid.