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  • Why you want a macOS home server, and how to get one going

    To add videos to iTunes, I cannot recommend VideoDrive (www.aroonasoftware.com) enough. It’s great at converting and tagging all your video files. For conversion it uses HandBrake, and then it adds descriptions and artwork so your own videos look the same as videos purchased from the iTunes Store.

    it also monitors an inbox folder for new video files you are downloading. And it supports a server setup and will move video files across the network. 

    I have been running it for years on my media server and still love it!
  • Trump expects Apple to build manufacturing plant in Texas

    Apple should just bite the bullet and produce everything for the American market in the US.

    True, it will take ages, causing huge delays, and spectacular price hikes. Not to mention they’ll have to import talent from overseas, so immigration will be a big hurdle too.

    Oh, and no import of raw materials and resources from Africa. Get your own coltan! And while at it: keep your trash instead of exporting it to third world countries that don’t have waste management systems. No exploiting of other countries anymore by the USA. That’ll a be the day!

    The hypocrisy of America First is truly shocking.
  • HomePod private beta could be testing voice calls, multiple timers

    The biggest news is multiple timers? What about multiple user support? Or are the majority of Apple users hipster single home dwellers?
  • Trump expects Apple to build manufacturing plant in Texas

    Funny to read how misguided people are. The US did not lose jobs to China. Globalisation was invented by and for US companies to become wealthy. They became rich and powerful because of it. And the Republican Party was happy to go along. 

    Off course only a small percentage of the population gained anything in the process. But you get what you bargained for. And republicans now pack peddling under the current nationalistic wave? That’s a joke.

  • French company sues Apple over incomplete HTML5 support on iOS, macOS Safari

    This is typical behavior of socialists. They feel like they deserve something so they sic the government on people and companies to force them at gunpoint to pay more in taxes or follow certain laws to create in their minds an "even" playing field rather than compete 

    Your grasp on socialism deserves the most ignorant post of the day award. Let me guess. American?
  • New iOS 13 feature uses Siri smarts to thwart spam calls

    ktappe said:
    Why would this require Siri? It's simply referencing the incoming # against a database. It's extremely straightforward from an engineering perspective.
    Siri is the name of a variety of AI-based technologies. In iOS12 "siri" reviews your mail and messages for data that looks like phone numbers, email address and the like and presents these to the user as needed. For example when receiving a call from a number not in your contacts, Siri may furnish a message "Maybe: PERSONS NAME", where that name has been automatically gathered from a email/message source. Similarly these contact details can be easily added to existing or new contacts.

    This new feature likely takes that existing iOS 12 capability and provides it with the skill to automatically reject unfamiliar numbers/facetimes. There is an expectation that the feature does a little more to thwart spam calls, since Apple would be able to gather a statistical model of spoofed phone numbers.
    Collecting phone numbers from several sources and reference that list when a call comes in. Not sure if that counts as AI, seems more like a marketing gimmick to call it Siri.
  • Everything new with HomePod in iOS 13

    Why tap your iPhone on the HomePods to transfer an active call to it, when you can simply tap the green bar on top of your screen?
  • Apple, 67 other businesses file against North Carolina's HB2 'bathroom' law

    So of course it has happened before and it has happened for decades. 

    So you give examples of perverts that are not related to the transgender community to defend your point? Are you really that naive to think that a non-enforceable law will prevent perverts from peeping? Perverts and criminals do what they do, regardless of any laws. Therefore, law enforcement should focus on keeping those perverts out of the streets and in jail.

    But zooming in on just transgenders is just plain wrong as it won't prevent the examples you refer to because it has NOTHING to do with it. 

    Maybe don’t do wrong instead? Then there wouldn’t be stigma

    What are you talking about? Do you even know what transgender means?

    Because mental illness elicits a subconscious reaction in people’s minds as a defense mechanism to preserve the safety and security of the social in-group. You see the same thing with people who interact with sociopaths and sufferers of NPD. Oh, they can fake it, usually, but people are shown to be subconsciously put on edge around them. It’s the brain telling you “There’s something wrong here, and I can’t quite put my lobe on it, but be careful around this person.”

    Why do you drag sociopaths and NPD into this discussion? One has nothing to do with the other. 

    Transgender people don't cause harm to other people, there is no crime committed, you don't have to be careful around them. So there shouldn't be an in-group. It's not us versus them. And the whole point of modern society is not to listen to that subconscious reaction (or worse, act on it) because it's a result of ignorance. If society deems something normal, that subconscious reaction will soon fade. The same as it does with race, colour, sexual orientation, disabilities, and everything else that makes us unique. It takes all kinds to create a world.

    Just like the law against murder is the cause of murder.

    With the big difference NO crime has been committed. Being a transgender is not a crime. Being a pervert and peeping in restrooms is. 

    You're missing the point that a post-operation transgender,  who completely switched gender, will now have to go back to the restrooms of their old gender, they and society do NOT identify with. Why would prefer a transgender man in the women's bathroom? It's just absurd. 

    That bill is wrong because it divides instead of unites. Good for Apple and 67 other companies on realising that. 

  • Apple, 67 other businesses file against North Carolina's HB2 'bathroom' law

    Tallest skil seems to have the habit to use the arguments against his own viewpoint over and over again, without realising it Please, don't  claim to be a scientist when you're not. A real scientist with integrity would not point to lobby group propaganda to support misconceived hate-based tantrums. 
  • Apple allegedly working on Siri stand-alone speaker with HomeKit integration

    Why Apple thinks Siri is already great and ready for this kind of expansion is beyond me. With the iOS 10 update I decided to use it again and it just doesn't work.

    While Siri understands me better than before, it fails to correctly interpret my commands. I now switched to the Dutch version and it's even more stupid than I remember. Creating reminders or appointments, asking driving directions, playing a song, ... it just doesn't work. You ask for one thing and it does something completely different and unrelated. it's even a mystery on why it would do a particular thing based on what I asked.