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  • Netflix kills in-app subscription option for iPhone & iPad users

    Don't bite the Apple that feeds you.

    This may be an early move is desperation due to Apples coming service.

    I hope Apples service dominates like everything else Apple does. Couldn't care if Netflix became the next Nokia.
    So you want Netflix to fail because they don’t want to give Apple 30/15% cut? How is that good for anybody?
    Yes I do.

    Do you think Walmart does not deserve a cut of everything they offer?

    If I were Apple I'd kick them off my platform.
    I think at this point this would hurt Apple more than it would Netflix. 
  • Apple's HomePod has similar market share to high-end Echo Plus, Google Home Max

    Not interested in the HomePod as long as it doesn’t support multiple users. 
  • HomePod private beta could be testing voice calls, multiple timers

    The biggest news is multiple timers? What about multiple user support? Or are the majority of Apple users hipster single home dwellers?
  • Testing the speed of iOS 11 versus iOS 12 on the iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 2

    This test and article are so misguided it borders on click bate. 

    A beta OS is full of debugging code so running benchmarks and doing performance tests and comparisons are completely pointless. 

    Secondly, an improvement of 1 second on a 40 second loading time is not a huge improvement but rather within the margin of error. Your measurements are rounded to the second so 1 second difference has no significance whatsoever. 

    Dissapointing article. 

  • Eight Siri features we want to see in iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS 5, and tvOS 12 at WWDC ...

    That’s it? This is a very lame list of suggestions.  What about making Siri actually smart instead of just responding to your questions? She doesn’t learn anything at the moment.  

    The only smart feature that is currently available I can think of is travel time alerts for appointments, as they take traffic conditions into account. Otherwise she’s dumb as f...

    One small example: I ask her directions to a store. Siri, in all her wisdom, suggests a store on the other side of the world. So I lookup the store by typing the name. Two minutes later I ask Siri again and she again points me to the other side of the world. She’s not learning anything and remains as frustrating to deal with. 

    I don’t know about Alexa or google Home as I don’t use those but Siri is not “behind” in terms of capabilities, she’s just not smart. By a long stretch.