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  • Apple tells Epic judge to consider Supreme Court NCAA decision

    mr lizard said:
    I’m sure that patronising attempt to help the judge reach her decision will go down well. 
    It's not "patronizing" in a legal case because the parties are obligated to put everything on-the-record in the event of any appeal.

    If you want to talk about legal stuff, go to law school first.
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  • Facebook Pay launched to challenge Apple Pay for mobile payment supremacy

    It’s from Facebook? `Nuf said. 
  • Apple says Epic Games dispute is a 'marketing campaign' to boost 'Fortnite'

    I hope Apple have hard evidence (not hearsay) to back up the claim about Epic throwing its toys out of the pram before. That won't go down well with a jury.
    This is not a jury eligible case. The determination as to whether the App Store even falls under antitrust regulations is a matter of law to determine. Juries only determine matters of fact (when the facts are disputed). There are no facts to litigate here. If Apple and the App Store are determined not to fall under antitrust because the App Store isn't a "market" or Apple is found not to be abusing its position even if the App Store is a market, then it's just a contract dispute. If that plays out, Epic doesn't do well on that front as the contract terms are pretty clear.
  • Tesla to restock sold-out wireless phone charger, cut price by $16

    I'd prefer they update their software to just support standard USB media functionality. You cannot browse your media library or control playback through USB on Teslas. One has to wonder what Elon does, because the current support is awful. Well, not awful. Non-existent.
  • Outdated Apple CSAM detection algorithm harvested from iOS 14.3 [u]

    flydog said:
    Beats said:
    The fact anyone can reverse engineer this is scary.
    Some anonymous reddit user claims to have found code in an old version of iOS.  No one has "reverse engineered" anything.  
    That’s false. It was reverse engineered into Python. That’s what is available in the GitHub repository. 
  • LastPass denies claims that master passwords may have been compromised

    Hehe....people put their passwords lists in the cloud.....
    Yeah, storing encrypted data on the Internet is crazy stuff. It’s almost like every service on the Internet has to expose encrypted data in databases wrapped in security to actually have anything on the Internet.

    You win Ridiculous Comment of the Day.

    This is most surely someone using leaked account credentials that were reused on LastPass accounts. That’s the mistake some people probably made. Password managers don’t store the master password anywhere. Not the cloud. Not locally. It’s the “thing you know”.
  • The metaverse is 'off limits' on Apple's VR headset, claims report

    starof80 said:
    If the rumors about this is true, Apple would be smart to reconsider about getting in the Metaverse. They will be left behind.
    Behind what? The Facebook / Epic concept of a virtual world to live in is so damn dystopian. Anyone who looks forward to that world is in need of psychiatric help because they can't seem to live effectively in the real world.

    I actually hope Apple keeps any AR/VR headset as a 100% closed system without any third party access. That way we won't have to hear about any of this crap that every computing product sold needs to be 100% open to other vendors selling their wares on it.
  • Google details new Drive for Desktop client replacing Backup and Snyc

    It’s definitely better on its own, but there’s one use case that it’s really terrible for. If you use a personal Google Drive account and a company one under Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) then you can’t access both at the same time. You have to switch accounts. Previously, you could just run Backup and Sync at the same time as Google Drive to give parallel access to both.
  • How to create your own HomeKit camera with a Raspberry Pi and HomeBridge

    Once you have HomeBridge installed on the Pi, you can do all the configuration through the web admin console. It's a bit easier, especially to search for and add HomeBridge packages.

    One more recommendation, use Docker on the Pi. Then install the pre-built Docker container for HomeBridge. My preferred one is at

    If you aren't deploying apps using Docker, you are really missing out. Makes things a lot simpler and definitely cleaner.
  • Apple recruits former Tesla engineering VP Steve MacManus

    Apple is far too slow and deliberate of a company to leap frog Tesla — that’s not a knock of Apple, just worth factoring in when we try to decipher what Apple is up to.
    We don't need Apple to leapfrog Tesla. We need both of them to bring innovation to the legacy car industry.