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  • The metaverse is 'off limits' on Apple's VR headset, claims report

    starof80 said:
    If the rumors about this is true, Apple would be smart to reconsider about getting in the Metaverse. They will be left behind.
    Behind what? The Facebook / Epic concept of a virtual world to live in is so damn dystopian. Anyone who looks forward to that world is in need of psychiatric help because they can't seem to live effectively in the real world.

    I actually hope Apple keeps any AR/VR headset as a 100% closed system without any third party access. That way we won't have to hear about any of this crap that every computing product sold needs to be 100% open to other vendors selling their wares on it.
  • LastPass denies claims that master passwords may have been compromised

    Hehe....people put their passwords lists in the cloud.....
    Yeah, storing encrypted data on the Internet is crazy stuff. It’s almost like every service on the Internet has to expose encrypted data in databases wrapped in security to actually have anything on the Internet.

    You win Ridiculous Comment of the Day.

    This is most surely someone using leaked account credentials that were reused on LastPass accounts. That’s the mistake some people probably made. Password managers don’t store the master password anywhere. Not the cloud. Not locally. It’s the “thing you know”.
  • Epic appealing Apple's 'resounding victory' in App Store trial

    The judge ruled that app developers can link to external payment processes, but explicitly also ruled Apple is still entitled to its contractually agreed commissions (e.g. 30%) regardless of using an external payment process. So that “free” app with an external subscription won’t save the developer any money. It only creates a friction point for a consumer to subscribe.
  • Outdated Apple CSAM detection algorithm harvested from iOS 14.3 [u]

    flydog said:
    Beats said:
    The fact anyone can reverse engineer this is scary.
    Some anonymous reddit user claims to have found code in an old version of iOS.  No one has "reverse engineered" anything.  
    That’s false. It was reverse engineered into Python. That’s what is available in the GitHub repository. 
  • Users lobby 1Password to abandon new Electron version

    If you just use Apple devices and only need what keychain has to offer, then that’s all fine. But password managers do things like provide 2FA support, store a lot more data types, and provide tge ability to share with others. 

    When we need our insurance IDs and digital copies of the cards, I’ve got it. Social Security info for the whole family is always with me. Passports, drivers licenses, my car VINS and license plates, reward programs, and banking info. Always with me. 

    And best feature. When my wife inevitably asks me for those types of things, I waive her off with the phrase “1Password”.