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  • Apple says Spatial Audio is a hit, drawing more listeners to Apple Music

    Personally, when the spatial audio songs were released, I went out of my way to sample some of the songs to experience the hype myself.  I have AirPod Pro’s on a new iPhone 13 Pro Max. My business background was 30 years in the record industry.
     I liked what I heard but found the feature only subtly unique. I was more impressed back in the 70s when the Quadrophonic Sound feature was debuted, but even then tired of it quickly.  Was the new feature a game breaker for me to listen to music?  Not at all. My preferences for music listening is recording and playback quality first.  Frankly, I actually cancelled my iTunes subscription after that. 
  • Proposed antitrust bills would ban Apple from preinstalling its own iOS apps

    I’m about to call my state Congress Representative and let her know my opinion that she should reject the Bill.   
    Call your or email Congress Person.
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  • Samsung is throttling the performance of over 10,000 apps

    sflocal said:
    The way iKnockoff companies like Scamscum get away with this is disgusting.  If this were Apple, guaranteed that the the botomfeeding lawyers, media, and iHaters would be screaming for Tim Cook's head, and clickbait YouTubers would fill the Internet with countless videos on how Apple is a "greedy" company and ripping off users.

    If Apple did that, there’d be huge class action lawsuits lined up on Cook!  😂
  • Android Apple Music beta code reveals upcoming 'Apple Classical' app

    Xed said:
    ne1 said:
    I hope we can subscribe to this separately for a lower rate. I’d prefer a standalone, classical music streaming app for lower price. $4.99 per month would be great. 
    I see that Primephonic was $7.99 per month. Seems pricey to me since I'm under the assumption that much of classical music doesn't have royalties associated with it.

    I hope they do it right. Since the inception of iTunes Apple has failed to offer classical music libraries properly.
    Your assumption is incorrect. Almost all quality classical music recordings are copyrighted.   There are definitely “knockoffs” of classical pieces, but if you’re a true classical music fan, you’re not paying money for poor recordings.  Classical music fans have no problem paying more for quality than quantity.  
  • Apple's Eddy Cue says Spatial Audio is a 'game-changer' for music

    Regarding Lossless, In my opinion, the average person can “hear” the difference. The key to that is whether they can “recognize the difference and appreciate it.  The “average” person today has lived primarily with highly compressed music, lower quality electronics, emphasizing booming and distorted sounds.  They would not recognize the difference at all.  
    It’s akin to serving an unfamiliar foreign culinary entree to an American palate and having them recognize and appreciate the flavor while growing up on a fast food, prepared food diet.
  • Apple unveils trailer for international 'Pachinko' drama

    Finally, my wife is dying to see this. Apple TV+ is a keeper!
    I agree. In my opinion, Apple has been doing a wonderful job of bringing to the public, some very high quality drama series. This series looks fantastic and I’m looking forward to watching.
  • Apple releases watchOS 8 update for Apple Watch

    peterhart said:
    Not sure about y’all, but I get an error message in the Watch app that says “Unable to Check for Update. An error occurred while checking for a software update” with Cancel and Try Again buttons. Pressing Try Again does nothing and Cancel, well, just takes you back one menu. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
    I had that happen as well. I run a vpn on my iPhone and I know that’s the culprit. I just disconnect the vpn while the update sets up and all is good. 
  • Apple loses exclusive rights to 'iPhone' trademark for non-smartphone products in China

    If you know how to do business in China, with a corrupt hierarchy, maybe Apple execs need to understand and follow protocol to ensure people are taken "care" of making things go smoothly. Me thinks some people at Apple have upset the "Apple"cart!