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  • Apple says Spatial Audio is a hit, drawing more listeners to Apple Music

    Personally, when the spatial audio songs were released, I went out of my way to sample some of the songs to experience the hype myself.  I have AirPod Pro’s on a new iPhone 13 Pro Max. My business background was 30 years in the record industry.
     I liked what I heard but found the feature only subtly unique. I was more impressed back in the 70s when the Quadrophonic Sound feature was debuted, but even then tired of it quickly.  Was the new feature a game breaker for me to listen to music?  Not at all. My preferences for music listening is recording and playback quality first.  Frankly, I actually cancelled my iTunes subscription after that. 
  • Android Apple Music beta code reveals upcoming 'Apple Classical' app

    Xed said:
    ne1 said:
    I hope we can subscribe to this separately for a lower rate. I’d prefer a standalone, classical music streaming app for lower price. $4.99 per month would be great. 
    I see that Primephonic was $7.99 per month. Seems pricey to me since I'm under the assumption that much of classical music doesn't have royalties associated with it.

    I hope they do it right. Since the inception of iTunes Apple has failed to offer classical music libraries properly.
    Your assumption is incorrect. Almost all quality classical music recordings are copyrighted.   There are definitely “knockoffs” of classical pieces, but if you’re a true classical music fan, you’re not paying money for poor recordings.  Classical music fans have no problem paying more for quality than quantity.  
  • Woman swallows AirPod instead of painkiller, records audio from stomach

    omasou said:
    It's amazing what someone will do for attention and to increase their social media presence.
    I fully agree.  So many of the Tik Tok videos are staged for just that.  Looking at the crocodile tears on this woman, to me, tells the story of a staged video.
  • Compared: iPad mini 6 versus iPad mini 5

    I loved the iPad mini 2 and more recently, mini 5. I use it primarily for reading news and some apps in the morning as well as travel, but never forget taking photos. I was going to jump to the new 6, but just decided now, no need to since the price jumped to $500 with the improved camera, which I wouldn’t use.  
    I’ll wait for the next Gen mini in a couple years. 
  • 'Over the Rainbow' composer's estate sues Apple & others over 'pirated' music sales

    sdw2001 said:
    As a musician and educator, I had to re-read this article twice to figure out exactly that the complaint was about.  The short version seems to be that certain labels misrepresented their submissions to Apple et al, claiming they had rights they didn't have.   It seems to me that this is going to be exceptionally complicated.  I'd think you'd have to show that Apple and other service providers were legally required to verify ownership rights, and failed to do so to whatever legal standard applies (negligence? Intent?).  The copyright claim itself also has to be examined in each instance.  Does the estate actually retain ownership over the material the claim?  Did they surrender or sell any rights to these recordings via some previous agreement?  

    Just from a layperson's perspective, I think holding Apple and other services liable is going to be tough.  I have no idea what the legal standard for verification of rights would be, but I'd have to assume the labels had to attest to ownership when they submitted.  Is Apple expected to independently verify rights on every recording submitted? I can't imagine that would be viewed as reasonable under the law.  I can see the labels being held liable, but the services?  I doubt it.  
    You’re correct.  It’s as simple as providing proof of ownership prior to selling on iTunes. This has nothing to do with streaming copyright, only purchase of songs/albums.